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Silver perchlorate
[CAS# 7783-93-9]

Classification Inorganic chemical industry >> Inorganic salt >> Metal halides and halides >> Metal chlorides and salts
Name Silver perchlorate
Synonyms Silver(1+) perchlorate; Silver(I) perchlorate
Molecular Formula AgClO4
Molecular Weight 207.32
CAS Registry Number 7783-93-9
EINECS 232-035-4
Density 1.04067 g/cm3 (15 ºC)*
Melting point -6.15 ºC**
* Mazzucchelli, A.; Gass, chim. ital. 1927, V57, P383-90.
** "PhysProp" data were obtained from Syracuse Research Corporation of Syracuse, New York (US)
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