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[CAS# 87130-20-9]

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AccuStandard Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (203) 786-5290
Chemical manufacturer since 1986
Crescent Chemical Co. Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (631) 348-0333
Chemical distributor
Leap Chem Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (852) 3060-6658
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Chemical manufacturer since 2006
chemBlink standard supplier since 2015
Shandong A & Fine Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (536) 510-0106
Chemical manufacturer since 2002
chemBlink standard supplier since 2007
Shandong Zhengji Chemical Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 18369999171
Chemical distributor since 2019
chemBlink standard supplier since 2023
Simagchem Corporation China Inquire  
+86 13806087780
Chemical manufacturer since 2002
chemBlink standard supplier since 2008
Complete supplier list of Diethofencarb
Classification Chemical pesticide >> Fungicide >> Other fungicides
Name Diethofencarb
Synonyms Propan-2-yl N-(3,4-diethoxyphenyl)carbamate
Molecular Structure CAS # 87130-20-9, Diethofencarb, Propan-2-yl N-(3,4-diethoxyphenyl)carbamate
Molecular Formula C14H21NO4
Molecular Weight 267.32
CAS Registry Number 87130-20-9
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