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Triethylene glycol oleyl ether
[CAS# 9004-98-2]

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Classification Surfactant >> Nonionic surfactant >> Polyol ester type
Name Triethylene glycol oleyl ether
Synonyms Polyethylene glycol monooleyl ether; Polyethylene glycol oleyl ether; Trycol OAL 23; Unitol 0-100; Volpo 015; Volpo 10; Volpo 20; Volpo 3; Volpo N 10; Volpo N 3; Volpo N 5; Volpo O 5
Molecular Structure CAS # 9004-98-2, Triethylene glycol oleyl ether, Polyethylene glycol monooleyl ether, Polyethylene glycol oleyl ether, Trycol OAL 23, Unitol 0-100, Volpo 015, Volpo 10, Volpo 20, Volpo 3, Volpo N 10, Volpo N 3, Volpo N 5, Volpo O 5
Molecular Formula (C2H4O)n.C18H36O
CAS Registry Number 9004-98-2
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