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Silicic Acid (H2sio3),Barium Salt (1:1)
[CAS# 13255-26-0]

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Classification Inorganic chemical industry >> Inorganic salt >> Silicide and silicate
Name Silicic Acid (H2sio3),Barium Salt (1:1)
Synonyms Barium(+2) Cation; Dioxido-Oxo-Silane; Barium(+2) Cation; Keto-Dioxido-Silane; 517917_Aldrich
Molecular Structure CAS#: 13255-26-0, Silicic Acid (H2sio3),Barium Salt (1:1)
Molecular Formula BaO3Si
Molecular Weight 213.42
CAS Registry Number 13255-26-0
EINECS 236-245-7
SMILES [Ba++].O=[Si]([O-])[O-]
InChI 1S/Ba.O3Si/c;1-4(2)3/q+2;-2
(1) Marcus Nagel, Wolfgang Wisniewski, Günter Völksch, Christian Borschel, Carsten Ronning and Christian Rüssel. Composition and texture of barium silicate crystals in fresnoite glass-ceramics by various scanning electron microscopic techniques, CrystEngComm, 2011, 13, 3383.
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