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[CAS# 144-24-1]

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Classification Biochemical >> Amino acids and their derivatives >> Leucine derivative
Name 2-Methyl-Leucine
Molecular Structure CAS#: 144-24-1, 2-Methyl-Leucine
Molecular Formula C7H15NO2
Molecular Weight 145.20
CAS Registry Number 144-24-1
EINECS 205-621-2
SMILES [C@]([NH3+])(C([O-])=O)(CC(C)C)C
InChI 1S/C7H15NO2/c1-5(2)4-7(3,8)6(9)10/h5H,4,8H2,1-3H3,(H,9,10)/t7-/m0/s1
Desity 1.017g/cm3 (Cal.)
Boiling point 236.005°C at 760 mmHg (Cal.)
Flash point 96.533°C (Cal.)
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