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List of Chemical Product Names (Page A38)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Adamantylethyltrichlorosilane 37843-11-1 C12H19Cl3Si
N-1-Adamantylglycine 16782-41-5 C12H19NO2
2-(1-Adamantyl)glycine 60256-21-5 C12H19NO2
1-Adamantyl isocyanate 4411-25-0 C11H15NO
1-Adamantyl isonitrile 22110-53-8 C11H15N
N-(Adamant-1-yl)-6-isopropyl-4-oxo-1-pentyl-1,4-dihydroquinolin-3-carboxamide 1048038-90-9 C28H38N2O2
1-Adamantyl isothiocyanate 4411-26-1 C11H15NS
1-Adamantylmalonic acid 24779-68-8 C13H18O4
1-Adamantyl methacrylate 16887-36-8 C14H20O2
2-Adamantyl methacrylate 133682-15-2 C14H20O2
3-(1-Adamantyl)-4-methoxyphenylboronic acid 459423-32-6 C17H23BO3
1-Adamantylmethylamine hydrochloride 1501-98-0 C11H19N.HCl
1-Adamantyl methyl ketone 1660-04-4 C12H18O
2-Adamantyl-4-methylphenol 41031-50-9 C17H22O
1-Adamantyl(methyl)silane 82690-39-9 C11H20Si
4-(1-Adamantyl)-2-nitrophenol 32599-84-1 C16H19NO3
3-(1-Adamantyl)-2,4-pentanedione 102402-84-6 C15H22O2
4-(1-Adamantyl)phenol 29799-07-3 C16H20O
2-(1-Adamantyl)propan-2-ol 775-64-4 C13H22O
3-(1-Adamantyl)propan-1-ol 31685-38-8 C13H22O
N-1-Adamantylpyridinium bromide 19984-57-7 C15H20N.Br
Adamantyl thiosemicarbazide 52662-65-4 C11H19N3S
1-(1-Adamantyl)thiourea 25444-82-0 C11H18N2S
1-Adamantyltrimethylammonium hydroxide 53075-09-5 C13H24N.OH
1-Adamantylurea 13072-69-0 C11H18N2O
1-Adamantylzinc bromide 312624-15-0 C10H15BrZn
Adapalene 106685-40-9 C28H28O3
Adargileukin alfa 250710-65-7
Adarotene 496868-77-0 C25H26O3
Adefovir 106941-25-7 C8H12N5O4P
Adefovir dipivoxil 142340-99-6 C20H32N5O8P
Adefovir monopivoxil 142341-05-7 C14H22N5O6P
Adelmidrol 1675-66-7 C13H26N2O4
Ademetionine 1,4-butanedisulfonate 101020-79-5 2(C15H23N6O5S).2(C4H10O6S2).C4H8O6S2
Ademetionine disulfate tosylate 97540-22-2 C15H22N6O5S.2(H2SO4).C7H8SO3
Adenanthin 111917-59-0 C26H34O9
Adenine 73-24-5 C5H5N5
Adenine hydrochloride 2922-28-3 C5H5N5.HCl
Adenine hydrochloride hemihydrate 6055-72-7 2(C5H5N5).2(HCl).H2O
Adenine-7-oxide 21149-25-7 C5H5N5O
Adenine phosphate 52175-10-7 C5H5N5.H3PO4
Adenine phosphate 70700-30-0 C5H8N5O4P
Adenine sulfate 321-30-2 2(C5H5N5).H2SO4
L-Adenosine 3080-29-3 C10H13N5O4
Adenosine 58-61-7 C10H13N5O4
Adenosine 3',5'-bisphosphate 1053-73-2 C10H15N5O10P2
(R)-Adenosine cyclic 3',5'-(hydrogen phosphorothioate) compd. with N,N-diethylethanamine (1:1) 151837-09-1 C10H12N5O5PS.C6H15N
Adenosine 2',3'-cyclic monophosphate sodium salt 37063-35-7 C10H11N5O6P.Na
Adenosine deaminase 9026-93-1
Adenosine-5'-diphosphate disodium salt 16178-48-6 C10H13N5Na2O10P2

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