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List of Chemical Product Names (Page B8)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Benzalacetone 122-57-6 C10H10O
Benzaldehyde 100-52-7 C7H6O
Benzaldehyde dimethyl acetal 1125-88-8 C9H12O2
Benzaldehyde dimethylhydrazone 1075-70-3 C9H12N2
Benzaldehyde-2,4-disulfonic acid 88-39-1 C7H6O7S2
Benzaldehyde glyceryl acetal 1319-88-6 C10H12O3
Benzaldehyde propylene glycol acetal 2568-25-4 C10H12O2
Benzaldoxime 932-90-1 C7H7NO
Benzalkonium chloride 63449-41-2
Benzalkonium chloride 68424-85-1
Benzalkonium chloride 68391-01-5
Benzalkonium chloride 8001-54-5 ( / 8045-21-4)
3-Benzalphthalide 575-61-1 C15H10O2
Benzamide 55-21-0 C7H7NO
Benzamidine 618-39-3 C7H8N2
Benzamidine hydrochloride 1670-14-0 C7H8N2.HCl
Benzamidine hydrochloride hydrate 206752-36-5 C7H8N2.HCl.H2O
4-Benzamido-cyclohexanol 204691-99-6 C13H17NO2
4-Benzamido-cyclohexanone 73204-06-5 C13H15NO2
2-Benzamido-4-mercaptobutanoic acid 103796-22-1 C11H13NO3S
3-Benzamidophenyliminodiethanol 43051-46-3 C17H20N2O3
3-Benzamidophenyliminodiethyl diacetate 43051-43-0 C21H24N2O5
Benzanilide 93-98-1 C13H11NO
Benz[a]anthracene 56-55-3 C18H12
Benz[a]anthracene-d12 1718-53-2 C18D12
1,2-Benzanthraquinone 2498-66-0 C18H10O2
Benzanthrone 82-05-3 C17H10O
Benzarone 1477-19-6 C17H14O3
Benzathine benzylpenicillin 1538-09-6 C16H20N2.2(C16H18N2O4S)
1H-[1]-Benzazepin-2,5(3H,4H)-dione 16511-38-9 C10H9NO2
Benzbromarone 3562-84-3 C17H12Br2O3
1,2-Benz-6-diethylaminofluorane 26628-47-7 C28H23NO3
1-(Benz[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)propan-1-one 28281-49-4 C10H10O3
Benzenamine acetate 542-14-3 C6H7N.C2H4O2
Benzenamine nitrate 542-15-4 C6H7N.HNO3
Benzenamine sulfate 542-16-5 2(C6H7N).H2SO4
1,3-Benzendisulfonic acid disodium salt 831-59-4 C6H4O6S2Na2
Benzene 71-43-2 C6H6
Benzeneacetic acid 1-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-3-butenyl ester 5434-13-9 C19H18O4
Benzeneacetic acid 2-[(2-chloroethyl)thio]ethyl ester 91767-54-3 C12H15ClO2S
Benzeneacetic acid 3,3,5-trimethylcyclohexyl ester 67859-97-6 C17H24O2
Benzenearsonic acid 98-05-5 C6H7AsO3
Benzenecarbodithioic acid methyl ester 2168-78-7 C8H8S2
Benzenecarboperoxoic acid 93-59-4 C7H6O3
Benzenecarbothioamide 2227-79-4 C7H7NS
1,4-Benzenediacetic acid diethyl ester 36076-26-3 C14H18O4
Benzene-1,3-diamine dihydrochloride 541-69-5 C6H8N2.2(HCl)
1,3-Benzenediamine hydrochloride 13652-74-9 C6H8N2.x(HCl)
1,4-Benzenediamine N,N'-mixed phenyl and tolyl derivs 68953-84-4
1,3-Benzenediamine, polymer with 4-[4-[1-[4-[(1,3-dihydro-1,3-dioxo-5-isobenzofuranyl)oxy]phenyl]-1-methylethyl]phenoxy]-1,3-isobenzofurandione, 4,4'-[(1-methylethylidene)bis(4,1-phenyleneoxy)]bis[1,3-isobenzofurandione] and 5,5'-[(1-methylethylidene)bis(4,1-phenyleneoxy)]bis[1,3-isobenzofurandione] 72102-48-8

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