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List of Chemical Product Names (Page D103)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
2',3'-Dideoxy-5-[3-[(trifluoroacetyl)amino]-1-propyn-1-yl]cytidine 114748-58-2 C14H15F3N4O4
2',3'-Dideoxy-5-[3-[(trifluoroacetyl)amino]-1-propyn-1-yl]uridine 114748-60-6 C14H14F3N3O5
2',3'-Dideoxyuridine 5983-09-5 C9H12N2O4
2',3'-Dideoxyxanthosine 132194-28-6 C10H12N4O4
4,6-Dideoxy-alpha-D-xylo-hexopyranose 2,3-diacetate 1-(2,2,2-trichloroethanimidate) 485809-87-8 C12H16Cl3NO6
Didesethylflurazepam dihydrochloride 19603-97-5 C17H15ClFN3O.2(HCl)
Didesfluoro Nebivolol 129101-33-3 C22H27NO4
N',N'-Di(desmethyl)azithromycin 612069-27-9 C36H68N2O12
N,N-Didesmethyl Diltiazem Hydrochloride 116050-35-2 C20H23ClN2O4S
(+)-N,O-Di-Desmethyl Tramadol 144830-18-2 C14H21NO2
N,O-Didesmethylvenlafaxine 135308-74-6 C15H23NO2
alpha,alpha-Dideuteriobenzyl alcohol 21175-64-4 C7H6D2O
Dideuteriodichloromethane 1665-00-5 CCl2D2
alpha,alpha-Dideutero-4-methoxybenzyl alcohol 35693-15-3 C8H8D2O2
3,3'-Di(4-dibenzothiophenyl)-1,1'-biphenyl 1128045-14-6 C36H22S2
Di(dioctylpyrophosphato) ethylene titanate 65467-75-6 C34H74O16P4Ti
4',5'-Di-1,3,2-dithiarsolan-2-yl-3',6'-dihydroxy-3-oxo-spiro[isobenzofuran-1(3H),9'-[9H]xanthene]-6-carboxylic acid 1042084-20-7 C25H18As2O7S4
Didodecylamine 3007-31-6 C24H51N
(1R)-7,7'-Didodecyl-[1,1'-binaphthalene]-2,2'-diol 949581-04-8 C44H62O2
1,1'-(4,4'-Didodecyl[2,2'-bithiophene]-5,5'-diyl)bis[1,1,1-trimethylstannane] 1007347-63-8 C38H70S2Sn2
9,9-Didodecyl-2,7-dibromofluorene 286438-45-7 C37H56Br2
Didodecyldimethylammonium bromide 3282-73-3 C26H56BrN
Didodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 3401-74-9 C26H56N.Cl
Didodecyl disulfide 2757-37-1 C24H50S2
Didodecyl fumarate 2402-58-6 C28H52O4
Didodecyl phthalate 2432-90-8 C32H54O4
Didodecyl sulfide 2469-45-6 C24H50S
Didymin 14259-47-3 C28H34O14
Didymium nitrate 134191-62-1
Didymium oxide 11141-21-2
Didysprosium trisulfide 12133-10-7 Dy2S3
exo-Dieldrin 60-57-1 C12H8Cl6O
N,N-Dimethyl-1-piperazinesulfonamide 98961-97-8 C6H15N3O2S
Dienochlor 2227-17-0 C10Cl10
Dienogest 65928-58-7 C20H25NO2
1,7-Diepi-8,15-cedranediol 40768-81-8 C15H26O2
4,5-Diepipsidial A 1219603-97-0 C30H34O5
2a,3a,16a,17a-Diepoxy-17b-acetoxy-5a-androstane 50588-22-2 C21H30O4
3,6:10,13-Diepoxy-1,15,8-benzodioxathiacycloheptadecin-2,14(7H,9H)-dione 71349-39-8 C18H12O6S
1,2:5,6-Diepoxycyclooctane 27035-39-8 C8H12O2
1,10:4,5-Diepoxy-7(11)-germacren-8-one 32179-18-3 C15H22O3
1,2,7,8-Diepoxyoctane 2426-07-5 C8H14O2
Dierbium trioxide 12061-16-4 Er2O3
L-Dierucoyl lecithin 51779-95-4 C52H100NO8P
Dierucoyl phosphatidylcholine 4235-95-4 C44H84NO8P
Diesel fuel 68334-30-5
Diethanolamine 111-42-2 C4H11NO2
Diethanolamine-(3R)-(+)-tetrahydrofuranylboronate 100858-40-0 C8H16BNO3
3-(N,N-Diethanolamino)-L-alanine 700801-50-9 C7H16N2O4
2-Diethanolamino-6-chloro-4,8-dipiperidinopyrimido[5,4-d]pyrimidine 54093-92-4 C20H30ClN7O2

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