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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F77)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Fmoc-L-4-azidophenylalanine 163217-43-4 C24H20N4O4
Fmoc-L-3-(3-Benzothienyl)alanine 177966-60-8 C26H21NO4S
Fmoc-4-benzoyl-D-phenylalanine 117666-97-4 C31H25NO5
Fmoc-S-benzyl-L-cysteine 53298-33-2 C25H23NO4S
Fmoc-O-Benzyl-L-4-hydroxyproline 174800-02-3 C27H25NO5
N-Fmoc-N'-benzyloxymethyl-L-histidine 84891-19-0 C29H31N3O5
Fmoc-O-(benzylphospho)-L-serine 158171-14-3 C25H24NO8P
Fmoc-O-(benzylphospho)-L-threonine 175291-56-2 C26H26NO8P
N-Fmoc-O-benzyl-L-phosphotyrosine 191348-16-0 C31H28NO8P
Fmoc-O-benzyl-L-serine 83792-48-7 C25H23NO5
Fmoc-O-benzyl-L-threonine 117872-75-0 C26H25NO5
Fmoc-O-benzyl-L-tyrosine 71989-40-7 C31H27NO5
N-Fmoc-N'-biotinyl-L-lysine 146987-10-2 C31H38N4O6S
N-Fmoc-N'-Biotinyl-D-lysine 110990-09-5 C31H38N4O6S
N-Fmoc-N,N'-bis-Cbz-L-arginine 207857-35-0 C37H36N4O8
N-Fmoc-N-(4-Boc-aminobutyl)glycine 171856-09-0 C26H32N2O6
Fmoc-4-(Boc-amino)-D-phenylalanine 214750-77-3 C29H30N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Boc-L-2,4-diaminobutyric acid 125238-99-5 C24H28N2O6
N-alpha-Fmoc-N-gamma-Boc-D-diaminobutyric acid 114360-56-4 C24H28N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Boc-L-2,3-Diaminopropionic acid 162558-25-0 C23H26N2O6
N2-Fmoc-N3-Boc-D-2,3-diaminopropionic acid 198544-42-2 C23H26N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Boc-N'-isopropyl-L-lysine 201003-48-7 C29H38N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Boc-L-Lysine 71989-26-9 C26H32N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Boc-L-lysine pentafluorophenyl ester 86060-98-2 C32H31F5N2O6
Fmoc-(N'-Boc)-D-ornithine 118476-89-4 C25H30N2O6
Nalpha-Fmoc-Ndelta-Boc-L-ornithine 109425-55-0 C25H30N2O6
N-Fmoc-O-(2-bromobenzyloxycarbonyl)-L-tyrosine 147688-40-2 C32H26BrNO7
Fmoc-D-2-Bromophenylalanine 220497-79-0 C24H20BrNO4
(R)-N-Fmoc-3-Bromophenylalanine 220497-81-4 C24H20BrNO4
(S)-N-Fmoc-4-Bromophenylalanine 198561-04-5 C24H20BrNO4
(S)-N-Fmoc-3-Bromophenylalanine 220497-48-3 C24H20BrNO4
Fmoc-L-2-bromophenylalanine 220497-47-2 C24H20BrNO4
(R)-N-Fmoc-4-Bromophenylalanine 198545-76-5 C24H20BrNO4
(S)-N-Fmoc-2-(3'-butenyl)alanine 288617-72-1 C22H23NO4
N-Fmoc-N'-Cbz-D-2,4-diaminobutyric acid 387824-79-5 C27H26N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Cbz-L-2,4-diaminobutyric acid 252049-08-4 C27H26N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Cbz-D-Diaminopropionic acid 387824-80-8 C26H24N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Cbz-L-Diaminopropionic acid 204316-36-9 C26H24N2O6
N-Fmoc-N'-Cbz-D-lysine 110990-07-3 C29H30N2O6
N'-Fmoc-N-Cbz-L-Lysine 86060-82-4 C29H30N2O6
Fmoc-2-chloro-L-phenylalanine 198560-41-7 C24H20ClNO4
Fmoc-3-chloro-L-phenylalanine 198560-44-0 C24H20ClNO4
Fmoc-3-chloro-D-phenylalanine 205526-23-4 C24H20ClNO4
Fmoc-4-chloro-D-phenylalanine 142994-19-2 C24H20ClNO4
Fmoc-2-chloro-D-phenylalanine 205526-22-3 C24H20ClNO4
(S)-N-Fmoc-4-Chlorophenylalanine 175453-08-4 C24H20ClNO4
Fmoc-L-citrulline 133174-15-9 C21H23N3O5
Fmoc-D-citrulline 200344-33-8 C21H23N3O5
Fmoc-D-3-cyanophenylalanine 205526-37-0 C25H20N2O4
Fmoc-L-3-cyanophenylalanine 205526-36-9 C25H20N2O4
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