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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F89)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Forsythoside E 93675-88-8 C20H30O12
Forsythoside F 94130-58-2 C34H44O19
Forsythoside H 1178974-85-0 C29H36O15
Fortical 135506-95-5
Fortuneine 87340-25-8 C20H25NO3
Forxiga 960404-48-2 C21H25ClO6.C3H8O2.H2O
Fosamprenavir 226700-79-4 C25H36N3O9PS
Fosamprenavir calcium 226700-81-8 C25H34CaN3O9PS
Fosaprepitant 172673-20-0 C23H22F7N4O6P
Foscarnet sodium 63585-09-1 CNa3O5P
Fosetyl-aluminum 39148-24-8 C6H18O9P3.Al;C6H18AlO9P3
Fosfluconazole 194798-83-9 C13H13F2N6O4P
Fosfomycin 23155-02-4 C3H7O4P
Fosfomycin calcium 26472-47-9 C3H5O4P.Ca
Fosfomycin tromethamine 78964-85-9 C4H11NO3.C3H7O4P
Fosfructose 488-69-7 C6H14O12P2
Fosinopril 98048-97-6 C30H46NO7P
Fosinoprilic acid 95399-71-6 C23H34NO5P
Fosinopril sodium 88889-14-9 C30H45NNaO7P
Fosphenytoin sodium 92134-98-0 C16H13N2Na2O6P
Fospropofol 258516-89-1 C13H21O5P
Fospropofol disodium 258516-87-9 C13H19O5P.2Na
Fosravuconazole 351227-64-0 C23H20F2N5O5PS
Fostamatinib 901119-35-5 C23H26FN6O9P
Fostamatinib disodium 1025687-58-4 C23H24FN6O9P.2Na
Fostamatinib disodium salt hexahydrate 914295-16-2 C23H26FN6O9P.6(H2O).2Na
Fostemsavir 864953-29-7 C25H26N7O8P
Fostemsavir tromethamine 864953-39-9 C25H26N7O8P.C4H11NO3
Fosthiazate 98886-44-3 C9H18NO3PS2
Fostriecin sodium 87860-39-7 C19H26O9P.Na
Fotemustine 92118-27-9 C9H19ClN3O5P
FR 901379 144371-88-0 (138328-74-2) C51H82N8O21S
Fragaria vesca ext. 84929-78-2
Fragransin A2 112652-46-7 C20H24O5
Fraision butyrate 114099-96-6 C10H14O4
Framycetin sulphate 4146-30-9 C23H46N6O13.H2SO4
Frangulin A 521-62-0 C21H20O9
Frangulin B 14101-04-3 C20H18O9
FRATtide 251087-38-4 C192H327N67O60
FRAX 597 1286739-19-2 C29H28ClN7OS
Fraxamoside 326594-34-7 C25H30O13
Fraxetin 574-84-5 C10H8O5
Fraxidin 525-21-3 C11H10O5
Fraxin 524-30-1 C16H18O10
Fraxinellone 28808-62-0 C14H16O3
Fraxinol 486-28-2 C11H10O5
Fraxiresinol 1-O-glucoside 89199-94-0 C27H34O13
Freeman's reagent 61217-61-6 C20H26.Li
Frenazole 26130-02-9 C15H13N3O2S
Freselestat 208848-19-5 C23H28N6O4
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