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List of Chemical Product Names (Page I57)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Isothiocyanic acid butyl ester 592-82-5 C5H9NS
Isothiocyanic acid isopentyl ester 628-03-5 C6H11NS
4-Isothioureidobutyronitrile hydrochloride 66592-89-0 C5H9N3S.HCl
3-Isothioureidopropionic acid 5398-29-8 C4H8N2O2S
3-S-Isothiuronium propyl sulfonate 21668-81-5 2(C4H10N2S).H2SO4
Isothymusin 98755-25-0 C17H14O7
Isotonitazene 14188-81-9 C23H30N4O3
Isotretinoin 4759-48-2 C20H28O2
Isotretinoin anisatil 127471-94-7 C29H36O4
Isotridecanol ethoxylate 9043-30-5
Isotridecyl alcohol 68526-86-3 C13H28O
Isotschimgin 62356-47-2 C17H22O3
Isovaleraldehyde 590-86-3 C5H10O
Isovaleraldehyde propyleneglycol acetal 18433-93-7 C8H16O2
Isovaleramide 541-46-8 C5H11NO
Isovaleranilide 2364-50-3 C11H15NO
Isovaleric acid 503-74-2 C5H10O2
Isovaleric acid isopropyl ester 32665-23-9 C8H16O2
Isovaleryl chloride 108-12-3 C5H9ClO
Isovalerylshikonin 52387-14-1 C21H24O6
L-Isovaline 595-40-4 C5H11NO2
D(-)-Isovaline 3059-97-0 C5H11NO2
D-Isovaline hydrochloride 73473-40-2 C5H11NO2.HCl
Isovallesiachotamine 34384-71-9 C21H22N2O3
Isovanillin 621-59-0 C8H8O3
Isovitexin 29702-25-8 C21H20O10
Isovitexin 38953-85-4 C21H20O10
Isovouacapenol C 455255-15-9 C27H34O5
Isowighteone 68436-47-5 C20H18O5
alpha-Isowighteone 65388-03-6 C20H18O5
Isoxaflutole 141112-29-0 C15H12F3NO4S
Isoxanthohumol 70872-29-6 C21H22O5
Isoxathion 18854-01-8 C13H16NO4PS
Isoxazole 288-14-2 C3H3NO
3-Isoxazoleacetic acid 57612-86-9 C5H5NO3
4-Isoxazoleboronic acid pinacol ester 928664-98-6 C9H14BNO3
Isoxazole-3-carbaldehyde 89180-61-0 C4H3NO2
Isoxazole-3-carbonitrile 68776-57-8 C4H2N2O
5-Isoxazolecarboxaldehyde 16401-14-2 C4H3NO2
4-Isoxazolecarboxylic acid 6436-62-0 C4H3NO3
Isoxazole-5-carboxylic acid 21169-71-1 C4H3NO3
3-Isoxazolecarboxylic acid 3209-71-0 C4H3NO3
4-Isoxazolecarboxylic acid ethyl ester 80370-40-7 C6H7NO3
5-Isoxazolecarboxylic acid methyl ester 15055-81-9 C5H5NO3
3-Isoxazolemethanamine hydrochloride (1:1) 1187933-48-7 C4H6N2O .ClH
5-Isoxazolemethanamine monohydrochloride 440099-32-1 C4H6N2O.HCl
3-Isoxazolemethanol 89102-73-8 C4H5NO2
(R)-4-Isoxazolidinol hydrochloride 338464-48-5 C3H7NO2.HCl
(S)-4-Isoxazolidinol hydrochloride 338464-55-4 C3H7NO2.HCl
3-Isoxazolol 5777-20-8 C3H3NO2

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