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List of Chemical Product Names (Page L20)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Lornoxicam 70374-39-9 C13H10ClN3O4S2
Losartan 114798-26-4 C22H23ClN6O
Losartan Carboxaldehyde 114798-36-6 C22H21ClN6O
Losartan carboxylic acid 124750-92-1 C22H21ClN6O2
Losartan Impurity C 114799-13-2 C22H23ClN6O
Losartan potassium 124750-99-8 C22H22CIKN6OK
Losartan trityl ether 1006062-28-7 C41H37ClN6O
Loteprednol 129260-79-3 C21H27ClO5
Loteprednol etabonate 82034-46-6 C24H31ClO7
Lotilaner 1369852-71-0 C20H14Cl3F6N3O3S
Lotus corniculatus extract 84696-24-2
D-(-)-Lotusine 6871-67-6 C19H24NO3
Loureirin A 119425-89-7 C17H18O4
Loureirin B 119425-90-0 C18H20O5
Loureirin C 116384-24-8 C16H16O4
Lovage Oil 8016-31-7
Lovastatin 75330-75-5 C24H36O5
Epi Lovastatin-d3 1002345-93-8 C24H36O5
Lovastatin diol lactone 79952-42-4 C19H28O4
Epi lovastatin hydroxy acid sodium salt 101400-30-0 C24H37O6.Na
Lovastatin sodium salt 75225-50-2 C24H37NaO6
Loxapine succinate salt 27833-64-3 C18H18ClN3O.C4H6O4
Loxiglumide 107097-80-3 C21H30Cl2N2O5
Loxistatin acid 76684-89-4 C15H26N2O5
Loxoprofen 68767-14-6 C15H18O3
Loxoprofen Impurity 15 81762-92-7 C16H20O3
Loxoprofen Impurity 47 98986-08-4 C12H15BrO2
Loxoprofen sodium 80382-23-6 C15H17NaO3.2(H2O)
(2alpha,3beta,4beta,19beta)-2,3,19,23-Tetrahydroxy-olean-12-en-28-oic acid beta-D-glucopyranosyl ester 55306-04-2 C36H58O11
LPK-26 hydrochloride 492451-07-7 C18H25Cl3N2O
LQEQ-19 322644-72-4 C106H165N29O34
LRRK2-IN-1 1234480-84-2 C31H38N8O3
LS 8630 16066-09-4 C8H26O3Si4
LTT-somatostatin-28 77909-99-0 C138H209N41O40S2
Lubiprostone 136790-76-6 C20H32F2O5
Lubiprostone 333963-40-9 C20H32F2O5
Lubricating oils 74869-22-0
Lucanthone 479-50-5 C20H24N2OS
Lucialdehyde C 252351-96-5 C30H46O3
Lucidenic acid A 95311-94-7 C27H38O6
Lucidenic acid B 95311-95-8 C27H38O7
Lucidenic acid C 95311-96-9 C27H40O7
Lucidenic acid D 98665-16-8 C29H38O8
Lucidenic acid E 98665-17-9 C29H40O8
Lucidenic acid F 98665-18-0 C27H36O6
Lucidenic acid L 110267-45-3 C27H38O7
Lucidenic acid N 364622-33-3 C27H40O6
Lucidone 19956-53-7 C15H12O4
Luciferase 9014-00-0
Luciferase (firefly luciferin) 61970-00-1

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