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List of Chemical Product Names (Page M227)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
4-Morpholinobenzaldehyde 1204-86-0 C11H13NO2
3-Morpholinobenzaldehyde 446866-87-1 C11H13NO2
4-Morpholinobenzoic acid 7470-38-4 C11H13NO3
4-Morpholinobenzylamine 214759-74-7 C11H16N2O
2-Morpholinobenzylamine 204078-48-8 C11H16N2O
(E)-4-Morpholinobut-2-enoic acid 1323199-72-9 C8H13NO3
4-(Morpholinocarbonyl)piperidine hydrochloride 94467-73-9 C10H18N2O2.HCl
1-Morpholinocyclododecene 3725-39-1 C16H29NO
trans-4-Morpholinocyclohexanamine dihydrochloride 412356-24-2 C10H20N2O.2(HCl)
[[1-(Morpholino)cyclohexan-1-yl]methyl]amine 64269-03-0 C11H22N2O
N-Morpholino-1-cyclohexene 670-80-4 C10H17NO
2-(Morpholinodithio)benzothiazole 95-32-9 C11H12N2OS3
2-(N-Morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid hemisodium salt 117961-21-4 C6H12NNaO4S.C6H13NO4S
2-(N-Morpholino)ethanesulfonic acid potassium salt 39946-25-3 C6H12KNO4S
2-Morpholinoethanol 622-40-2 C6H13NO2
4-(2-Morpholinoethyl)aniline 262368-47-8 C12H18N2O
N-(2-Morpholinoethyl)cyanoacetamide 15029-26-2 C9H15N3O2
2-Morpholinoethyl isocyanide 78375-48-1 C7H12N2O
2-Morpholinol 99839-31-3 C4H9NO2
2-Morpholinol hydrochloride 79323-24-3 C4H9NO2.HCl
4-(Morpholinomethyl)aniline 51013-67-3 C11H16N2O
(S)-3-(4-((4-(Morpholinomethyl)benzyl)oxy)-1-oxoisoindolin-2-yl)piperidine-2,6-dione 1323403-33-3 C25H27N3O5
[4-(Morpholinomethyl)phenyl]boronic acid 279262-23-6 C11H16BNO3
4-Morpholino-2-naphthol 159596-05-1 C14H15NO2
2-Morpholinone 4441-15-0 C4H7NO2
6-Morpholino-6-oxohexanoic acid 1862-17-5 C10H17NO4
4-Morpholinophenylboronic acid 186498-02-2 C10H14BNO3
2-Morpholinophenylboronic acid 933052-52-9 C10H14BNO3
3-Morpholinophenylboronic acid 863377-22-4 C10H14BNO3
3-Morpholinophenylboronic acid hydrochloride 863248-20-8 C10H14BNO3.HCl
4-Morpholinophenylguanidine 247234-41-9 C11H16N4O
4-Morpholinophenyl isothiocyanate 51317-66-9 C11H12N2OS
3-Morpholinopropanesulfonic acid 1132-61-2 C7H15NO4S
3-(N-Morpholino)propanesulfonic acid hemisodium salt 117961-20-3 C7H14NNaO4S.C7H15NO4S
3-Morpholinopropanol 4441-30-9 C7H15NO2
4'-Morpholinopropiophenone 78987-46-9 C13H17NO2
3-Morpholinopropyl bromide 125422-83-5 C7H14BrNO
N-(3-Morpholinopropyl)-3-hydroxy-2-naphthoamide 10155-47-2 C18H22N2O3
[3-(Morpholino)propyl]trimethoxysilane 31024-54-1 C10H23NO4Si
2-Morpholinopyridine-3-carboxaldehyde 465514-09-4 C10H12N2O2
6-Morpholino-3-pyridinyl isothiocyanate 52024-29-0 C10H11N3OS
2-(4-Morpholino)pyrimidine-5-boronic acid pinacol ester 957198-30-0 C14H22BN3O3
2-Morpholinopyrimidin-4-ol 19810-79-8 C8H11N3O2
2-Morpholinopyrimidin-5-ylboronic acid 870521-33-8 C8H12BN3O3
4-(Morpholinosulfonyl)aniline 21626-70-0 C10H14N2O3S
Morpholinosulfonyl chloride 1828-66-6 C4H8ClNO3S
2-(Morpholinosulfonyl)phenylboronic acid 957062-65-6 C10H14BNO5S
4-(Morpholinosulfonyl)phenylboronic acid 486422-68-8 C10H14BNO5S
Morpholinosulphur trifluoride 51010-74-3 C4H8F3NOS
3-Morpholinosydnonimine hydrochloride 16142-27-1 C6H11N4O2.Cl

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