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List of Chemical Product Names (Page M6)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Manduca sexta allatotropin 120928-88-3 C65H103N19O17S2
Maneb 12427-38-2 C4H6MnN2S4
Manganese 7439-96-5 Mn
Manganese(II) acetate 638-38-0 Mn(C2H3O2)2
Manganese(II) acetate tetrahydrate 6156-78-1 C4H6MnO4.4(H2O)
Manganese bis(2-ethylhexanoate) 13434-24-7 2(C8H15O2).Mn
Manganese bisglycinate 14281-77-7 C4H8MnN2O4
Manganese borate 12228-91-0 MnB4O7
Manganese(II) bromide tetrahydrate 10031-20-6 MnBr2.4(H2O)
Manganese calcium silicate 12205-44-6 Ca27Mn6SiO37
Manganese carbonate 598-62-9 MnCO3
Manganese chloride 7773-01-5 MnCl2
Manganese(II) chloride dihydrate 20603-88-7 MnCl2.2(H2O)
Manganese chloride tetrahydrate 13446-34-9 MnCl2.4(H2O)
Manganese(III) citrate 5968-88-7 C6H5MnO7
Manganese(II) citrate 10024-66-5 Mn3(C6H5O7)2
Manganese, compd. with aluminum (1:5) 94277-05-1 MnAl5
Manganese dichloride monohydrate 64333-01-3 MnCl2.H2O
Manganese dinitrate tetrahydrate 20694-39-7 Mn(NO3)2.4(H2O)
Manganese dioxide 1313-13-9 MnO2
Manganese disodium EDTA trihydrate 15375-84-5 C10H12N2O8MnNa2.3(H2O)
Manganese ditelluride 12032-89-2 MnTe2
Manganese 2-ethylhexanoate 15956-58-8 2(C8H15O2).Mn
Manganese fluoride 77822-64-1 MnF2
Manganese(II) fluoride 7782-64-1 MnF2
Manganese gluconate 6485-39-8 (C6H11O7)2.Mn;C12H22MnO14
Manganese glycerophosphate 1320-46-3 C3H7O6P.Mn
Manganese iodate 25659-29-4 Mn(IO3)2
Manganese monooxide 1344-43-0 MnO
Manganese monoselenide 1313-22-0 MnSe
Manganese monotelluride 12032-88-1 MnTe
Manganese naphthenate 1336-93-2 2(C11H7O2).Mn
Manganese nitrate 10377-66-9 Mn(NO3)2
Manganese nitride 12033-07-7 Mn4N
Manganese(II) phthalocyanine 14325-24-7 C32H16MnN8
Manganese picolinate 14049-88-8 C12H8N2O4Mn
Manganese sulfate 10124-55-7 MnSO4
Manganese(II) sulfate hydrate 10034-96-5 MnSO4.H2O
Manganese sulfide 18820-29-6 MnS
Manganese sulphate 7785-87-7 MnSO4
Manganese triacetate dihydrate 19513-05-4 C6H9MnO6.2(H2O)
Manganic acetylacetonate 14284-89-0 C15H21MnO6
Manganous dihydrogen phosphate 18718-07-5 Mn(H2PO4)2.2(H2O)
Manganous nitrate hexahydrate 17141-63-8 Mn(NO3)2.6(H2O)
Mangiferin 4773-96-0 C19H18O11
Mangiferolic acid 4184-34-3 C30H48O3
Mangochinine 209115-67-3 C19H22NO4
Mangostanol 184587-72-2 C24H26O7
beta-Mangostin 20931-37-7 C25H28O6
Mangostin 6147-11-1 C24H26O6
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