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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P140)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
1-(3-Pyridylmethyl)piperazine 39244-80-9 C10H15N3
3-(2-Pyridyl)-5-methyl-1,2,4-triazole 25433-36-7 C8H8N4
N-(2-Pyridylmethyl)trifluoroacetamide 401575-24-4 C8H7F3N2O
2-(Pyridylmethyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide 73870-22-1 C24H21NP.Br
N-(2-Pyridyl)nicotinamide 13160-07-1 C11H9N3O
5-(3-Pyridyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thiol 3690-46-8 C7H5N3OS
5-(4-Pyridyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole-2-thiol 15264-63-8 C7H5N3OS
N-(2-Pyridyl)oxamic acid 13120-39-3 C7H6N2O3
3-Pyridyloxyacetic acid 86649-57-2 C7H7NO3
4-(2-Pyridyloxy)phenylsulphonyl chloride 192329-94-5 C11H9Cl2NO3S
4-(2-Pyridyloxy)piperidine dihydrochloride 313490-36-7 C10H14N2O.2(HCl)
1-(2-Pyridyl)-1-pentanone 7137-97-5 C10H13NO
3-(2-Pyridyl)-5-phenyl-1,2,4-triazole 25433-29-8 C13H10N4
1-(2-Pyridyl)piperazine 34803-66-2 C9H13N3
1-(4-Pyridyl)piperazine 1008-91-9 C9H13N3
4-(4-Pyridyl)piperidine 581-45-3 C10H14N2
2-(4-Pyridyl)-2-propanol 15031-78-4 C8H11NO
1-(3-Pyridyl)propan-1-one 1570-48-5 C8H9NO
3-(3-Pyridyl)-2-propen-1-ol 69963-46-8 C8H9NO
N-(4-Pyridyl)pyridinium chloride hydrochloride 5421-92-1 C10H9ClN2.HCl
2-(2-Pyridyl)pyrrolidine 77790-61-5 C9H12N2
2-(2-Pyridylsulfanyl)acetic acid 10002-29-6 C7H7NO2S
4'-(4-Pyridyl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine 112881-51-3 C20H14N4
2-(2-Pyridyl)thiazole 2433-17-2 C8H6N2S
(4-Pyridylthio)acetic acid 10351-19-6 C7H7NO2S
2-(2-Pyridyl)thiophene 3319-99-1 C9H7NS
2-(2-Pyridyl)-2-thiopseudourea N-oxide monohydrochloride 2770-93-6 C6H7N3OS.HCl
4-(2-Pyridyl)thiosemicarbazide 36273-89-9 C6H8N4S
4-Pyridylthiourea 164670-44-4 C6H7N3S
2-Pyridyl tribromomethyl sulfone 59626-33-4 C6H4Br3NO2S
2-(2-Pyridyl)-4-trifluoromethylimidazole 33468-85-8 C9H6F3N3
2-(4-Pyridyl)-4-trifluoromethylimidazole 33468-83-6 C9H6F3N3
2-Pyridylzinc bromide 218777-23-2 C5H4BrNZn
Pyrifenox 88283-41-4 C14H12Cl2N2O
Pyrimethamine 58-14-0 C12H13ClN4
Pyrimethanil 53112-28-0 C12H13N3
Pyrimidifen 105779-78-0 C20H28ClN3O2
Pyrimidine 289-95-2 ( / 25247-63-6) C4H4N2
2-Pyrimidineacetic acid 66621-73-6 C6H6N2O2
5-Pyrimidineacetic acid 5267-07-2 C6H6N2O2
5-Pyrimidineacetic acid ethyl ester 6214-48-8 C8H10N2O2
4-Pyrimidineacetic acid ethyl ester 1240606-58-9 C8H10N2O2
2-Pyrimidineacetic acid ethyl ester 63155-11-3 C8H10N2O2
2-Pyrimidineacetic acid methyl ester 60561-50-4 C7H8N2O2
5-Pyrimidineacetic acid methyl ester 1820683-14-4 C7H8N2O2
Pyrimidine-5-boronic acid hemihydrate 696602-91-2 2(C4H5BN2O2).H2O
2-Pyrimidineboronic acid pinacol ester 937593-41-4 C10H15BN2O2
Pyrimidine-5-boronic acid pinacol ester 321724-19-0 C10H15BN2O2
4-Pyrimidinecarbonitrile 42839-04-3 C5H3N3
5-Pyrimidinecarbonyl chloride 40929-48-4 C5H3ClN2O

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