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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P24)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Peroxidase 9003-99-0
Peroxyacetic acid 79-21-0 C2H4O3
Peroxyacetic acid tert-butyl ester 107-71-1 C6H12O3
Peroxyacetyl 36709-10-1 C2H3O3
Peroxyazelaic acid 1941-79-3 C9H16O6
Peroxyazelaic acid di-tert-butyl ester 16580-06-6 C17H32O6
Peroxycrotonic acid tert-butyl ester 23474-91-1 C8H14O3
5alpha,8alpha-Peroxydehydrotumulosic acid 943225-53-4 C31H46O6
Peroxydicarbonic acid bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester 16111-62-9 C18H34O6
Peroxydicarbonic acid bis(2-phenoxyethyl) ester 41935-39-1 C18H18O8
Peroxydicarbonic acid dibenzyl ester 2144-45-8 C16H14O6
Peroxydicarbonic acid diethyl ester 14666-78-5 C6H10O6
Peroxydicarbonic acid dipropyl ester 16066-38-9 C8H14O6
Peroxydicarbonic acid disodium salt 3313-92-6 Na2C2O6
Peroxydodecanedioic acid 66280-55-5 C12H22O6
Peroxyfluor 1 817170-66-4 C32H34B2O7
Peroxymonosulfuric acid dipotassium salt 10361-76-9 K2SO5
Peroxyneodecanoic acid tert-butyl ester 26748-41-4 C14H28O3
Peroxyneoheptanoic acid tert-butyl ester 26748-38-9 C11H22O3
Peroxypivalic acid tert-pentyl ester 29240-17-3 C10H20O3
Perrhenic acid 13768-11-1 HReO4
Persicoside 28978-03-2 C23H26O11
Pertuzumab 380610-27-5
Peru balsam 8007-00-9
Perylene 198-55-0 C20H12
3,9-Perylenedicarboxylic acid 6364-19-8 C22H12O4
3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride 128-69-8 C24H8O6
3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic diimide 81-33-4 ( / 12236-71-4) C24H10N2O4
(3-Perylenyl)boronic acid pinacol ester 950761-81-6 C26H23BO2
(+)-Petasin 26577-85-5 C20H28O3
Petitgrain Oil 8014-17-3
Petrocomoside 20310-89-8 C27H30O15
Petroleum 8002-05-9
Petroleum ether 8032-32-4
Petroleum ether 64742-49-0
Petroleum resins 64742-16-1
Petroleum resins 68131-77-1
Petroleum sulfonic acids calcium salts 61789-86-4
Petroleum sulfonic acids sodium salts 68608-26-4 ( / 68918-05-8)
Petrolite E 2020 110119-84-1
Petromyzonol 28979-29-5 C24H42O4
Petroselaidic acid methyl ester 14620-36-1 C19H36O2
Petunidin 3-O-arabinoside 28500-03-0 C21H21O11.Cl
Petunidin chloride 1429-30-7 C16H13O7.Cl
Petunidin 3-galactoside chloride 28500-02-9 C22H23O12.Cl
Petunidin 3-O-glucoside chloride 6988-81-4 C22H23O12.Cl
Peucedanocoumarin I 130464-55-0 C21H24O7
Peucedanocoumarin II 130464-56-1 C21H22O7
Peucedanocoumarin III 130464-57-2 C21H22O7
Peucedanol 28095-18-3 C15H18O5

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