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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P70)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Pinacidil 60560-33-0 C13H19N5
Pinacol 76-09-5 C6H14O2
2-(Pinacolateboryl)indole 476004-81-6 C14H18BNO2
2-Pinacolateborylpyrrole 476004-79-2 C10H16BNO2
3-Pinacolateboryl-1H-pyrrole 214360-77-7 C10H16BNO2
Pinacolborane 25015-63-8 C6H13BO2
Pinacol cyclic methaneboronate 94242-85-0 C7H15BO2
Pinacol 3,5-di(trifluoromethyl)benzeneboronate 69807-91-6 C14H15BF6O2
Pinacolone 75-97-8 C6H12O
Pinacol vinylboronate 75927-49-0 C8H15BO2
Pinacryptol Yellow 25910-85-4 C20H19N2O3.CH3O4S
Pinacyanol bromide 2670-67-9 C25H25BrN2
Pinacyanol chloride 2768-90-3 C25H25N2.Cl
Pinane 473-55-2 C10H18
cis-Pinane 6876-13-7 C10H18
(+)-Pinaneborane 90084-43-8 C10H17BO2
(1R,2R,3S,5R)-(-)-2,3-Pinanediol 22422-34-0 C10H18O2
(1S,2S,3R,5S)-(+)-2,3-Pinanediol 18680-27-8 C10H18O2
Pinanyl hydroperoxide 28324-52-9 C10H18O2
2-Pinanyl hydroperoxide 5405-84-5 C10H18O2
Pinaverium 59995-65-2 C26H41BrNO4
Pinaverium bromide 53251-94-8 C26H41BrNO4.Br
Pindolol 13523-86-9 C14H20N2O2
Pine bark extract 133248-87-0
(1S)-(-)-alpha-Pinene 7785-26-4 C10H16
(1R)-(+)-alpha-Pinene 7785-70-8 C10H16
(1S)-(1)-beta-Pinene 18172-67-3 C10H16
beta-Pinene 127-91-3 C10H16
alpha-Pinene 80-56-8 (2437-95-8) C10H16
Pineneedle Oil 8021-29-2
alpha-Pinene-isoprene copolymer 31693-85-3
(+)-beta-Pinene oxide 6931-54-0 C10H16O
alpha-Pinene oxide 74525-43-2 C10H16O
2-Pinene, polymer with 2(10)-pinene 31393-98-3 (C10H16)n
Pine Oil 8000-26-8
Pine oil 8002-09-3
Pine, Pinus pinaster, ext. 90082-75-0
Pine tar 8011-48-1
Pingbeimine C 128585-96-6 C27H43NO6
Pingpeimine A 82841-67-6 C27H45NO5
Pingpeimine B 82851-52-3 C27H45NO6
D-Pinitol 10284-63-6 C7H14O6
Pinobanksin 548-82-3 C15H12O5
Pinocembrin 480-39-7 C15H12O4
Pinocembrin 7-acetate 109592-60-1 C17H14O5
Pinocembrin diacetate 111441-88-4 C19H16O6
(-)-Pinoresinol 81446-29-9 C20H22O6
epi-Pinoresinol 24404-50-0 C20H22O6
Pinoresinol 487-36-5 C20H22O6
(±)-Pinoresinol 4263-88-1 C20H22O6

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