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List of Chemical Product Names (Page S48)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
4-Sulfamoylphenylboronic acid pinacol ester 214360-51-7 C12H18BNO4S
Sulfanilamide 63-74-1 C6H8N2O2S
Sulfanilic acid 121-57-3 C6H7NO3S
Sulfanilyl fluoride 98-62-4 C6H6FNO2S
2-Sulfanylidene-1,2-dihydropyridine-4-carboxylic acid methyl ester 74470-33-0 C7H7NO2S
Sulfapiridazin sodium 2577-32-4 C11H11N4NaO3S
Sulfapyridine 144-83-2 C11H11N3O2S
Sulfaquinoxaline 59-40-5 C14H12N4O2S
Sulfaquinoxaline sodium 967-80-6 C14H11N4NaO2S
Sulfasan 502-55-6 C6H10O2S4
Sulfated mucopolysaccharides 63449-40-1
Sulfathiazole 72-14-0 C9H9N3O2S2
Sulfathiazole sodium 144-74-1 C9H8N3NaO2S2
Sulfatides, swine brain 383906-24-9
6-Sulfatoxy Melatonin-d4 1309935-98-5 C13H12D4N2O6S
Sulfaurea 547-44-4 C7H9N3O3S
Sulf-DBCO-NHS ester 1379761-19-9 C23H17N2NaO8S
Sulfenone 80-00-2 C12H9ClO2S
Sulfentrazone 122836-35-5 C11H10Cl2F2N4O3S
(+/-)-Sulfinpyrazone 57-96-5 C23H20N2O3S
N-Sulfinyl-p-toluenesulfonamide 4104-47-6 C7H7NO3S2
Sulfiram 95-05-6 C10H20N2S3
Sulfisoxazole 127-69-5 C11H13N3O3S
Sulfisozole sodium 79921-43-0 C9H8N3NaO3S
Sulfluramid 4151-50-2 C10H6F17NO2S
2-Sulfoacetic acid 123-43-3 C2H4O5S
Sulfoacetic acid disodium salt 5462-60-2 C2H2O5SNa2
3-Sulfo-L-alanine 498-40-8 C3H7NO5S
5-Sulfoanthranilic acid 3577-63-7 C7H7NO5S
5-Sulfo-1,2,4-benzenetricarboxylic acid 51307-74-5 C9H6O9S
2-Sulfobenzoic acid 632-25-7 C7H6O5S
2-Sulfobenzoic anhydride 81-08-3 C7H4O4S
Sulfobetaine 4727-41-7 C4H8O2S
Sulfobromophthalein sodium 123359-42-2 C20H8Br4Na2O10S2
1-(4-Sulfobutyl)pyridinium hydrogen sulfate 827320-61-6 C9H14NO3S.HSO4
Sulfocostunolide A 1016983-51-9 C15H20O5S
Sulfocostunolide B 1059671-65-6 C15H20O5S
2-Sulfoethyl methacrylate 10595-80-9 C6H10O5S
Sulfo-C16-18-fatty acids 1-methyl esters sodium salts 93348-22-2
5-Sulfo-2-furancarboxylic acid 87299-57-8 C5H4O6S
Sulfogaiacol 1321-14-8 C7H7KO5S
1-O-(3-O-Sulfo-beta-D-galactopyranosyl)ceramide 85496-63-5
4-O-(6-O-Sulfo-beta-D-galactopyranosyl)-beta-D-glucopyranose 1015758-24-3 C12H22O14S
N-Sulfo-glucosamine potassium salt 31284-96-5 C6H12NKO8S
N-Sulfo-glucosamine sodium salt 38899-05-7 C6H12NNaO8S
Sulfoglycopeptides 54182-59-1
alpha-Sulfo-omega-hydroxy-poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) C12-14-alkyl ethers sodium salts 68891-38-3
O-2-O-Sulfo-alpha-L-idopyranuronosyl-(1$rarr$4)-O-2-deoxy-6-O-sulfo-2-(sulfoamino)-beta-D-glucopyranosyl-(1$rarr$4)-O-2-O-sulfo-alpha-L-idopyranuronosyl-(1$rarr$4)-2-deoxy-2-(sulfoamino)-D-glucose 6-(hydrogen sulfate) 61844-85-7 C24H40N2O39S6
5-Sulfoisatin 7313-70-4 C8H5NO5S
5-Sulfoisophthalic acid 22326-31-4 C8H6O7S

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