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List of Chemical Product Names (Page S6)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Schisanlactone E 136040-43-2 C30H44O4
Schisanlignone A 135557-67-4 C24H30O7
Schisanlignone C 144606-83-7 C23H26O7
Schisanlignone D 144606-84-8 C22H22O7
Schisantherin A 58546-56-8 C30H32O9
Schisantherin E 64917-83-5 C30H34O9
Schisanwilsonin B 1181216-84-1 C28H34O9
Schisanwilsonin C 1181216-83-0 C30H32O9
Schizandrin B 61281-37-6 C23H28O6
Schizanhenol 69363-14-0 C23H30O6
Schizantherin B 58546-55-7 C28H34O9
Schleicheol 1 256445-66-6 C30H52O2
Schleicheol 2 256445-68-8 C30H52O2
Scholaricine 99694-90-3 C20H24N2O4
Schrock's Catalyst 139220-25-0 C30H35F12MoNO2
SCI 208 627536-09-8 C17H10ClFN6
Sciadopitysin 521-34-6 C33H24O10
Scillascillin 52706-07-7 C17H12O6
Scilliroside 507-60-8 C32H44O12
Scintiverse BD cocktail 67774-74-7
Sclareol 515-03-7 C20H36O2
Sclareol Glycol 55881-96-4 C16H30O2
Sclareolide 564-20-5 C16H26O2
Sclerotiorin 549-23-5 C21H23ClO5
Scoparinol 130838-00-5 C27H38O4
Scopine 498-45-3 C8H13NO2
Scopine-2,2-dithienyl glycolate 136310-64-0 C18H19NO4S2
Scopine hydrochloride 85700-55-6 C8H13NO2.HCl
(±)-Scopolamine 138-12-5 C17H21NO4
Scopolamine 51-34-3 C17H21NO4
Scopolamine butylbromide 149-64-4 C21H30BrNO4
Scopolamine hydrobromide 114-49-8 C17H21NO4.HBr
Scopolamine hydrobromide trihydrate 6533-68-2 C17H21NO4.HBr.3(H2O)
(-)-Scopolamine hydrochloride 55-16-3 C17H21NO4.HCl
(-)-Scopolamine methyl bromide 155-41-9 C18H24NO4.Br
(-)-Scopolamine methyl nitrate 6106-46-3 C18H24NO4.NO3
Scopoletin 92-61-5 C10H8O4
Scopoletin acetate 56795-51-8 C12H10O5
(±)-Scopoline 487-27-4 C8H13NO2
Scopoline 531-44-2 C16H18O9
(S)-Scoulerine 6451-73-6 C19H21NO4
Scriptide 287383-59-9 C18H18N2O4
Sculponeatic acid 1169806-02-3 C30H46O4
Sculponeatin B 85287-60-1 C20H24O6
Sculponeatin K 477529-70-7 C20H26O5
Sculponeatin N 1169805-98-4 C25H40O4
Sculponeatin O 1169806-00-1 C28H40O4
Scutebarbatine A 176520-13-1 C32H34N2O7
Scutebarbatine B 905929-95-5 C33H35NO7
Scutebarbatine W 1312716-25-8 C33H37NO8

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