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[CAS# 1074-12-0]

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Complete supplier list of alpha-Oxobenzeneacetaldehyde
Classification Chemical reagent >> Organic reagent >> Aromatic aldehyde (containing acetal, hemiacetal)
Name alpha-Oxobenzeneacetaldehyde
Synonyms NSC 156299; NSC 26909; NSC 627436; Phenylethanedial; Phenylethanedione; Phenylglyoxal; Phenylglyoxaldehyde
Molecular Structure CAS # 1074-12-0, alpha-Oxobenzeneacetaldehyde, NSC 156299, NSC 26909, NSC 627436, Phenylethanedial, Phenylethanedione, Phenylglyoxal, Phenylglyoxaldehyde
Molecular Formula C8H6O2
Molecular Weight 134.13
CAS Registry Number 1074-12-0
EC Number 214-036-1
Solubility Slightly soluble (7.5 g/L) (25 ºC), Calc.*
Density 1.133±0.06 g/cm3 (20 ºC 760 Torr), Calc.*
Melting point 284-287 ºC (ethanol )**
Boiling point 135-137 ºC (0.6 Torr)***
Refractive index 1.6128 (589.3 nm 25 ºC)***
Flash point 69.8±5.5 ºC, Calc.*
* Calculated using Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) Software V11.02 (©1994-2016 ACD/Labs)
** Shavel, John, Jr.; US 3182071 1965.
*** Fuson, Reynold C.; Journal of Organic Chemistry 1961, V26, P2674-6.
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