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Pyrocatechol Violet
[CAS# 115-41-3]

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Anisyn, Inc. USA Inquire  
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Avonchem/Chromos Express Ltd. UK Inquire  
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Carbosynth China Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (512) 6260-5585
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Chemical manufacturer since 2006
chemBlink standard supplier since 2016
Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (551) 6541-8684
Chemical manufacturer since 2001
chemBlink standard supplier since 2010
LOBA Feinchemie AG Austria Inquire  
+43 (223) 277-391
Chemical distributor
chemBlink standard supplier since 2012
Leap Chem Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (852) 3060-6658
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Chemical manufacturer since 2006
chemBlink standard supplier since 2015
Shanghai Yuanye Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (21) 6184-5781
+86 13585604150
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Chemical manufacturer since 2009
chemBlink standard supplier since 2016
Simagchem Corporation China Inquire  
+86 13806087780
Chemical manufacturer since 2002
chemBlink standard supplier since 2008
Wuhan Kemi-works Chemical Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (27) 8573-6489
Chemical manufacturer
chemBlink standard supplier since 2011
Complete supplier list of Pyrocatechol Violet
Classification Chemical reagent >> Organic reagent >> Aromatic alcohol
Name Pyrocatechol Violet
Synonyms Catecholsulfonphthalein; Pyrocatecholsulfonephthalein; Catechol violet
Molecular Structure CAS # 115-41-3, Pyrocatechol Violet, Catecholsulfonphthalein, Pyrocatecholsulfonephthalein, Catechol violet
Molecular Formula C19H14O7S
Molecular Weight 386.37
CAS Registry Number 115-41-3
EINECS 204-088-3
Safety Data
Safety Description S24/25    Details
SDS Available
Market Analysis Reports
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