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Lactide-glycolide polymer
[CAS# 26780-50-7]

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Classification Catalysts and additives >> Polymer
Name Lactide-glycolide polymer
Synonyms Max-Prene 955; Medisorb; Medisorb (polymer); Medisorb 5050DL; Medisorb 5050DL High IV; Medisorb 5050DL-PLG2A; Medisorb 5050DL-PLG4A; Medisorb 5050DL-PLG5A; Medisorb 5050DL2A; Medisorb 5050DL4A; Medisorb 7525DL; Medisorb 7525DL High IV; Medisorb 8515DL; Medisorb 8515DL-PLG6A; Medisorb 8515DLC01; Medisorb Alkerenes; OsteoScaf; PGLA 280; PGLA 370; PLG; PLG (copolymer); PLG 5E; PLG 7E; PLGA; Poly(DL-lactide-glycolide); Poly(dl-lactide-co-glycolide); Poly(glycolide-co-lactide); Poly(glycolide-lactide); Poly(lactide-co-glycolide); Poly(lactide-glycolide); Poly-(DL)-lactide-co-glycolide; Poly[(rac-lactide)-co-glycolide]; Polygalactin; Polyglactin; Polyglactin 370; Polyglactin 910; Purac PDLG; Purasorb 5004; Purasorb PDLG; Purasorb PDLG 5004A; Purasorb PDLG 7502A; Purasorb PLGA; RG 501H; RG 502; RG 502H; RG 503; RG 503H; RG 504; RG 752H; RG 755; RG 755S; Resomer 203H; Resomer 502; Resomer 502H
CAS Registry Number 26780-50-7
Refractive index 1.59*
* Kim, Howard; Biotechnology Progress 2008, V24(4), P932-937.
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