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3-Aminothiophene-2-carboxylic acid
[CAS# 55341-87-2]

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Aces Pharma, Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (203) 488-5529
Chemical manufacturer since 2009
Amadis Chemical Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (571) 8992-5085
Chemical manufacturer since 2010
chemBlink standard supplier since 2015
Apollo Scientific Ltd. UK Inquire  
+44 (161) 406-0505
Chemical manufacturer
Leap Chem Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (852) 3060-6658
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Chemical manufacturer since 2006
chemBlink standard supplier since 2015
Ryan Scientific, Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (843)-884-4911
Chemical manufacturer
Scientific Exchange, Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (603) 539-7436
Chemical distributor
Shanghai Fuxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (21) 3130-0828
+86 18645121291
Chemical manufacturer since 2016
chemBlink standard supplier since 2018
Tyger Scientific Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (609) 434-0144
Chemical manufacturer since 1992
chemBlink standard supplier since 2008
Ukrorgsyntez Ltd. Ukraine Inquire  
+38 (044) 531-9497
Chemical manufacturer since 2001
Complete supplier list of 3-Aminothiophene-2-carboxylic acid
Classification Biochemical >> Amino acids and their derivatives >> Other amino acid derivatives
Name 3-Aminothiophene-2-carboxylic acid
Molecular Structure CAS # 55341-87-2, 3-Aminothiophene-2-carboxylic acid
Molecular Formula C5H5NO2S
Molecular Weight 143.16
CAS Registry Number 55341-87-2
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