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Sodium 9-oxo-10-acridineacetate
[CAS# 58880-43-6]

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Name Sodium 9-oxo-10-acridineacetate
Synonyms Camedon; Camedone; L 1; N-(Carboxymethyl)-9-acridone sodium salt; Neovir; Sodium 9,10-dihydro-9-oxo-10-acridineacetate
Molecular Structure CAS # 58880-43-6, Sodium 9-oxo-10-acridineacetate, Camedon, Camedone, L 1, N-(Carboxymethyl)-9-acridone sodium salt, Neovir, Sodium 9,10-dihydro-9-oxo-10-acridineacetate
Molecular Formula C15H11NO3.Na
Molecular Weight 276.24
CAS Registry Number 58880-43-6
Melting point 360-370 ºC*
* Miosga, N.; Pharmazie 1986, V41(5), P326-8.
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