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[CAS# 61789-97-7]

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Classification Food additive >> Film agent
Name Tallow
Synonyms Beef fats, tallow; Beef tallow; ET 8715; Fats and Glyceridic oils, tallow; Fats, beef, tallow; Fats, tallow; Grease, tallow; Hard fats; Suet; Suet, beef; Tallow, beef
CAS Registry Number 61789-97-7
EINECS 263-099-1
Density 0.86 g/cm3*
Melting point 31-38 ºC*
Refractive index 46-49 (589.3 nm 40 ºC)*
* "Hazardous Substances Data Bank" data were obtained from the National Library of Medicine (US)
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