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Tri-C8-10-alkylmethylammonium chlorides
[CAS# 63393-96-4]

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Achemica Switzerland Inquire  
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Chemical manufacturer since 2010
BOC Sciences USA Inquire  
+1 (631) 485-4226
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Glentham Life Sciences UK Inquire  
+44 (2033) 978-798
Chemical distributor since 2013
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Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (551) 6541-8684
Chemical manufacturer since 2001
chemBlink standard supplier since 2010
Interchim Inc. USA Inquire  
+1 (800) 560-8262
Chemical manufacturer
Shanghai Yuanye Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. China Inquire  
+86 (21) 6184-5781
+86 13585604150
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Chemical manufacturer since 2009
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Simagchem Corporation China Inquire  
+86 13806087780
Chemical manufacturer since 2002
chemBlink standard supplier since 2008
Complete supplier list of Tri-C8-10-alkylmethylammonium chlorides
Classification Chemical reagent >> Organic reagent >> Amine salt (ammonium salt)
Name Tri-C8-10-alkylmethylammonium chlorides
Synonyms 336S; A 1; A 1 (phase transfer catalyst); Adogen 464; Aliquat 336; Aliquat 336S; Aliquat 7402; Aliquat N 263; Disperstat A
CAS Registry Number 63393-96-4
EINECS 264-120-7
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