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Bisphenol A ethoxylate diacrylate
[CAS# 64401-02-1]

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Scientific Polymer Products, Inc. USA Inquire  
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Complete supplier list of Bisphenol A ethoxylate diacrylate
Name Bisphenol A ethoxylate diacrylate
Synonyms Bis(4-acryloxypolyethoxyphenyl)propane; Bisphenol A polyethylene glycol diether diacrylate
Molecular Structure CAS # 64401-02-1, Bisphenol A ethoxylate diacrylate, Bis(4-acryloxypolyethoxyphenyl)propane, Bisphenol A polyethylene glycol diether diacrylate
Molecular Formula (C2H4O)n.(C2H4O)n.C21H20O4
CAS Registry Number 64401-02-1
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