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List of Chemical Product Names (Page C193)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Clover extract 85085-25-2
Clovin 81970-00-5 C33H40O20
Cloxacillin benzathine 23736-58-5 2(C19H18ClN3O5S).C16H20N2
Cloxacillin sodium 7081-44-9 C19H17ClN3NaO5S.H2O
Cloxyfonac 6386-63-6 C9H9ClO4
Clozapine N-oxide 34233-69-7 C18H19ClN4O
Clozaril 5786-21-0 C18H19ClN4
Clupanodonic acid 24880-45-3 C22H34O2
CMDA 122665-73-0 C17H23ClN2O8S
CMP 6 457081-03-7 C18H16FN3O
CMP-Neu5,9Ac2 1045785-97-4 C22H33N4O17P .2NH3
C6-8-Neocarboxylic acids 95823-36-2
(+)-Cnicin 24394-09-0 C20H26O7
Cnidimol A 103629-80-7 C15H16O5
Cnidioside B methyl ester 158500-59-5 C19H24O10
Coal creosote 8001-58-9
Coal tar 8007-45-2
Coal tar distillate 65996-92-1
Coatsome MG 6060LS 200880-41-7 C38H75O10P.Na
Cobalt 7440-48-4 Co
Cobalt acetate 5931-89-5 C2H4O2.x(Co)
Cobalt acetate 71-48-7 2(C2H3O2).Co
Cobalt(II) acetate tetrahydrate 6147-53-1 C4H6CoO4.4(H2O)
Cobalt bis(2-ethylhexanoate) 136-52-7 2(C8H15O2).Co
Cobalt, borate propionate complexes 91782-61-5
Cobalt bromide hydrate 85017-77-2 CoBr2.x(H2O)
Cobalt caprate 10139-54-5 C10H20O2.x(Co)
Cobalt carbonate 513-79-1 CoCO3
Cobalt(II) carbonate hydrate 57454-67-8 CoCO3.H2O
Cobalt(II) carbonate hydroxide 12602-23-2 2CoCO3.3Co(OH)2
Cobalt chloride 7646-79-9 CoCl2
Cobalt chloride hexahydrate 7791-13-1 CoCl2.6(H2O)
Cobalt diformate dihydrate 6424-20-0 Co(HCO2)2.2(H2O)
Cobalt disulfamate 14017-41-5 Co.2(H2NO3S)
Cobalt disulfide 12013-10-4 CoS2
Cobalt(II) fluoride 10026-17-2 CoF2
Cobalt(II) gluconate 71957-08-9 C12H22CoO14
Cobalt hydroxide 12672-51-4 Co(OH)2
Cobalt hydroxide 21041-93-0 Co.(OH)2
Cobaltic acetylacetonate 21679-46-9 C15H21CoO6
Cobalt iodide hexahydrate 10026-19-4 CoI2.6(H2O)
Cobalt iron oxide 12052-28-7 CoFe2O4
Cobalt lithium oxide 12190-79-3 CoLiO2
Cobalt(II) 2,3-naphthalocyanine 26603-20-3 C48H24CoN8
Cobalt naphthenate 61789-51-3 2(C11H7O2).Co
Cobalt nitrate 10141-05-6 Co(NO3)2
Cobaltocene 1277-43-6 C10H10Co
Cobalt orthophosphate 13455-36-2 Co3(PO4)2
Cobaltous cyanide 542-84-7 Co(CN)2
Cobaltous nitrate hexahydrate 10026-22-9 Co.(NO3)2.6(H2O)

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