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List of Chemical Product Names (Page C196)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Conduritol A 526-87-4 C6H10O4
Conessine 546-06-5 C24H40N2
Confluentic acid 6009-12-7 C28H36O8
Confluentin 585534-03-8 C22H30O2
Conglobatin 72263-05-9 C28H38N2O6
Congmunoside V 340963-86-2 C54H88O23
Congmunoside VII 340982-22-1 C54H88O24
Congmunoside X 344911-90-6 C60H98O28
Congocidin 1438-30-8 C18H26N10O3
Conicasterol 76758-18-4 C29H48O
alpha-Conidendrin 85699-62-3 C20H20O6
Coniferaldehyde 20649-42-7 C10H10O3
(E)-Coniferin 124151-33-3 C16H22O8
Coniferin 531-29-3 C16H22O8
Coniferyl alcohol 458-35-5 C10H12O3
Coniferyl alcohol 32811-40-8 C10H12O3
Coniferyl ferulate 63644-62-2 C20H20O6
Conivaptan 210101-16-9 C32H26N4O2
Conivaptan hydrochloride 168626-94-6 C32H26N4O2.HCl
Conjugated Estrogens 12126-59-9 C18H19NaO5S
Conjugated linoleic acid 2420-56-6 C18H32O2
(+)-Conocarpan 221666-27-9 C18H18O2
Conocarpan acetate 56319-04-1 C20H20O3
Conopharyngine 76-98-2 C23H30N2O4
Conophylline 142741-24-0 C44H50N4O10
mu-Conotoxin Cn IIIC 936616-33-0 C92H139N35O28S6
Conotoxin G I 76862-65-2 C55H80N20O18S4
omega-Conotoxin G VIA 106375-28-4 C120H182N38O43S6
alpha-Conotoxin Im-I 156467-85-5 C52H78N20O15S4
Conotoxin M I (reduced) 83481-45-2 C58H92N22O17S4
omega-Conotoxin M VIIC 147794-23-8 C106H178N40O32S7
Contryphan R 183428-21-9 C45H55N11O11S2
Contusugene ladenovec 600735-73-7
Convallotoxin 508-75-8 C29H42O10
(S)-(+)-COP-Cl Catalyst 612065-01-7 C78H66Cl2Co2N2O2Pd2
(R)-(+)-COP-Cl catalyst 612065-00-6 C78H66Cl2Co2N2O2Pd2
Copikem Yellow 37 144190-25-0 C33H38N2O
Copper 7440-50-8 Cu
Copper acetate 4180-12-5 C2H4O2.x(Cu)
Copper(2+) (1Z,2S)-2-[(aminoacetyl)azanidyl]-N-[(1S)-5-amino-1-carboxypentyl]-3-(1H-imidazol-5-yl)propanimidate acetic acid (1:1:1) 300801-03-0 C16H26CuN6O6
Copper bis(2-ethylhexanoate) 149-11-1 2(C8H15O2).Cu
Copper(II) borofluoride 38465-60-0 Cu.(BF4)2
Copper bromide 11129-27-4
Copper(I) bromide-dimethyl sulfide 54678-23-8 C2H6BrCuS
Copper chlorate 26506-47-8 HClO3.x(Cu)
Copper(II) chloride dihydrate 10125-13-0 CuCl2.2(H2O)
Copper chromite 12018-10-9 Cu2Cr2O5
Copper citrate 866-82-0 C6H8Cu2O7
Copper(I) cyanide 544-92-3 CuCN
Copper dichromate 13675-47-3 CuCr2O7

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