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List of Chemical Product Names (Page L4)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Lappaconitine 32854-75-4 C32H44N2O8
Lappaconitine hydrobromide 97792-45-5 C32H44N2O8.HBr
Laquinimod 248281-84-7 C19H17ClN2O3
Larazotide 258818-34-7 C32H55N9O10
Lard oil 8016-28-2
Lard, sulfonated, compd. with ethanolamine 91053-42-8
Lariciresinol 27003-73-2 C20H24O6
Lariciresinol acetate 79114-77-5 C22H26O7
Lariciresinol dimethyl ether 67560-68-3 C22H28O6
Lariresinol 1016974-78-9 C22H26O8
Larixinol 101046-79-1 C30H22O10
3,2'-epi-Larixinol 1207671-28-0 C30H22O10
Larixol acetate 4608-49-5 C22H36O3
Larocaine hydrochloride 553-63-9 C16H26N2O2.HCl
Laropiprant 571170-77-9 C21H19ClFNO4S
Larotaxel 156294-36-9 C45H53NO14
Larotrectinib 1223403-58-4 C21H22F2N6O2
N'-Laruoyl-L-lysine 52315-75-0 C18H36N2O3
Lasalocid sodium 25999-20-6 C34H53O8.Na
(-)-Lasiocarpine 303-34-4 C21H33NO7
Lasiodiplodin 32885-81-7 C17H24O4
Lasiodonin 38602-52-7 C20H28O6
Lasiokaurin 28957-08-6 C22H30O7
Lasmiditan 439239-90-4 C19H18F3N3O2
Lasmiditan succinate 439239-92-6 C42H42F6N6O8
Lasofoxifene 180916-16-9 C28H31NO2
Lasofoxifene D-glucuronide 1048953-95-2 C34H39NO8
Lasofoxifene tartrate 190791-29-8 C28H31NO2.C4H6O6
Latamoxef 64952-97-2 C20H20N6O9S
Latamoxef sodium 64953-12-4 C20H18N6Na2O9S
trans-Latanoprost 913258-34-1 C26H40O5
Latanoprost 130209-82-4 C26H40O5
15(S)-Latanoprost 145773-22-4 C26H40O5
trans-(15S)-Latanoprost 1235141-39-5 C26H40O5
Latanoprost acid 41639-83-2 C23H34O5
Latanoprostene bunod 860005-21-6 C27H41NO8
Latanoprost EP Impurity D 2088449-88-9 C20H25O3P
Latanoprost Lactol 352276-28-9 C18H26O4
Latanoprost Lactone Diol 145667-75-0 C18H24O4
Latanoprost tris(triethylsilyl) ether 477884-78-9 C44H82O5Si3
Lateritin 65454-13-9 C15H19NO3
Lathyrol 34420-19-4 C20H30O4
Latrunculin A 76343-93-6 C22H31NO5S
Latrunculin B 76343-94-7 C20H29NO5S
R-(-)-Laudanosine 85-63-2 C21H27NO4
Lauramide 1120-16-7 C12H25NO
(3-Lauramidopropyl)dimethylbetaine 4292-10-8 C19H38N2O3
Lauric acid 143-07-7 C12H24O2
Laurifoline 7224-61-5 C20H24NO4
Laurocapram 59227-89-3 C18H35NO

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