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List of Chemical Product Names (Page L6)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Lead arsenite (Pb(AsO2)2) 10031-13-7 Pb(AsO2)2
Lead azide 13424-46-9 Pb(N3)2
Lead bis(2-ethylhexanoate) 301-08-6 2(C8H15O2).Pb
Lead bromate 34018-28-5 Pb(BrO3)2
Lead caprylate 15696-43-2 2(C8H15O2).Pb
Lead(II) carbonate basic 1319-46-6 Pb3.(CO3)2.(OH)2
Lead chromate 7758-97-6 PbCrO4
Lead citrate 512-26-5 C12H10O14Pb3
Lead cyanide 592-05-2 Pb(CN)2
Lead dibromide 10031-22-8 PbBr2
Lead dichloride 7758-95-4 PbCl2
Lead dinitrate 10099-74-8 Pb(NO3)2
Lead dioxide 1309-60-0 PbO2
Lead fluoborate 13814-96-5 Pb.(BF4)2
Lead fluoride 7783-46-2 PbF2
Lead iodate 25659-31-8 Pb(IO3)2
Lead(II) iodide 10101-63-0 PbI2
Lead metaborate 14720-53-7 Pb(BO2)2
Lead metaborate monohydrate 10214-39-8 Pb(BO2)2.H2O
Lead(II) methanesulfonate 17570-76-2 (CH3O3S)2.Pb
Lead monotelluride 1314-91-6 PbTe
Lead monoxide 1317-36-8 PbO
Lead naphthenate 61790-14-5 2(C11H7O2).Pb
Lead oxide 1314-41-6 Pb3O4
Lead oxide 1335-25-7
Lead palmitate 19528-55-3 C16H32O2.x(Pb)
Lead perchlorate 13637-76-8 Pb(ClO4)2
Lead(II) phthalocyanine 15187-16-3 C32H16N8Pb
Lead(II) salicylate 15748-73-9 C14H10O6Pb
Lead selenide 12069-00-0 PbSe
Lead(2+) silicate 10099-76-0 PbSiO3
Lead styphnate 15245-44-0 C6HN3O8.Pb
Lead subacetate 1335-32-6 Pb3(CH3COO)2(OH)4
Lead(II) sulfate 7446-14-2 PbSO4
Lead sulfate tribasic 12202-17-4 ( / 65863-24-3) PbSO4.3(PbO)
Lead sulfide 1314-87-0 PbS
Lead tartrate 815-84-9 C4H4O6.Pb
Lead tetraacetate 546-67-8 C8H12O8Pb
Lead tetrachloride 13463-30-4 PbCl4
Lead tetrafluoride 7783-59-7 PbF4
Lead titanate 12060-00-3 PbTiO3
Lead zirconate titanate 12626-81-2 O3PbTi(0-1)Zr(0-1)
Leaf acetal 28069-74-1 C10H20O2
Leaf acetate 3681-71-8 C8H14O2
Leaf alcohol 928-96-1 C6H12O
Lecanoric acid 480-56-8 C16H14O7
Lecirelin 61012-19-9 C59H84N16O12
Lecithin 8002-43-5 ( / 8057-53-2)
Lecithins, hydrolyzed 85711-58-6
Lecithins, reaction products with diethanolamine 91053-51-9

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