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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P17)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
4-[trans-4-(trans-4-Pentylcyclohexyl)cyclohexyl]-1,2-difluorobenzene 118164-51-5 C23H34F2
trans-4-(4-Pentylcyclohexyl)-3',4'-difluoro-1,1'-biphenyl 134412-17-2 C23H28F2
trans-4-[2-(4-Pentylcyclohexyl)ethyl]cyclohexanone 121040-08-2 C19H34O
trans-4'-Pentylcyclohexyl-4-fluorobenzene 76802-61-4 C17H25F
[4-(4-Pentylcyclohexyl)-2-fluorophenyl]boronic acid 877052-48-7 C17H26BFO2
trans-4-Pentylcyclohexylmethanol 71458-08-7 C12H24O
4-(trans-4-Pentylcyclohexyl)phenol 82575-69-7 C17H26O
[4-(4-Pentylcyclohexyl)phenyl]boric acid 136321-96-5 C17H27BO2
[4-(trans-4-Pentylcyclohexyl)phenyl]boronic acid 143651-26-7 C17H27BO2
trans-4-(4-Pentylcyclohexyl)-4'-propyl-1,1'-biphenyl 88701-15-9 C26H36
2-Pentylcyclopentanone 4819-67-4 C10H18O
4-Pentyldicyclohexylanone 84868-02-0 C17H30O
Pentyl dihydrogen phosphate 12789-46-7 C5H13O4P
Pentyl 4-(dimethylamino)benzoate 14779-78-3 C14H21NO2
n-Pentyl ether 693-65-2 C10H22O
1-Pentyl-3-(4-ethyl-1-naphthoyl)indole 824960-64-7 C26H27NO
1-Pentyl-3-fluorobenzene 28593-13-7 C11H15F
Pentyl formate 638-49-3 C6H12O2
2-Pentylfuran 3777-69-3 C9H14O
N-Pentylglycine hydrochloride 33211-98-2 C7H15NO2.HCl
Pentyl 4-hydroxybenzoate 6521-29-5 C12H16O3
1-Pentylimidazole 19768-54-8 C8H14N2
2-Pentyl-1H-indene 926925-73-7 C14H18
1-Pentyl-1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid 8-quinolinyl ester 1400742-17-7 C23H22N2O2
(1-Pentyl-1H-indol-3-yl)(2,2,3,3-tetramethylcyclopropyl)methanone 1199943-44-6 C21H29NO
4-Pentyl-4'-iodobiphenyl 69971-79-5 C17H19I
Pentyl isocyanate 3954-13-0 C6H11NO
1-Pentylmagnesium bromide 693-25-4 C5H11BrMg
3-Pentylmagnesium bromide 4852-26-0 C5H11BrMg
Pentylmagnesium chloride 6393-56-2 C5H11ClMg
Pentylmalonic acid diethyl ester 6065-59-4 C12H22O4
Pentyl 4-methoxycinnamate 150171-33-8 C15H20O3
1-Pentyl-3-(4-methoxynaphthoyl)indole 210179-46-7 C25H25NO2
1-Pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole 209414-07-3 C24H23NO
n-Pentyl nitrate 1002-16-0 C5H11NO3
Pentyl nitrite 463-04-7 C5H11NO2
Pentyl 4-oxovalerate 20279-49-6 C10H18O3
4-(Pentyloxy)benzeneacetonitrile 50690-55-6 C13H17NO
4-(Pentyloxy)benzeneethanamine 57224-68-7 C13H21NO
4-Pentyloxybenzoic acid 15872-41-0 C12H16O3
4-(Pentyloxy)benzoic acid 4-(trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl)phenyl ester 1233010-35-9 C29H40O3
4-(Pentyloxy)benzoic acid 4-(trans-4-propylcyclohexyl)phenyl ester 1233010-34-8 C27H36O3
1-(Pentyloxy)-1,2,3-benzotriazole 60455-00-7 C11H15N3O
4-Pentyloxy-[1,1'-biphenyl]-4'-carbonitrile 52364-71-3 C18H19NO
[4'-(Pentyloxy)[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl]boronic acid 158937-25-8 C17H21BO3
(E)-4-Pentyloxycinnamic acid 62718-63-2 C14H18O3
4-Pentyloxyphenol 18979-53-8 C11H16O2
4-Pentyloxyphenylboronic acid 146449-90-3 C11H17BO3
4-[5-(4-Pentyloxyphenyl)isoxazol-3-yl]benzoic acid 179162-55-1 C21H21NO4
4-Pentyloxyphenyl 4-trans-(4-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoate 84601-01-4 C29H40O3

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