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List of Chemical Product Names (Page P18)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
4-Pentyloxyphenylboronic acid 146449-90-3 C11H17BO3
4-[5-(4-Pentyloxyphenyl)isoxazol-3-yl]benzoic acid 179162-55-1 C21H21NO4
4-Pentyloxyphenyl 4-trans-(4-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoate 84601-01-4 C29H40O3
4-Pentyloxyphenyl 4-trans-(4-propylcyclohexyl)benzoate 145861-33-2 C27H36O3
4''-(Pentyloxy)-[1,1':4',1''-terphenyl]-4-carboxylic acid 158938-08-0 C24H24O3
4''-(Pentyloxy)-[1,1':4',1''-terphenyl]-4-carboxylic acid methyl ester 158937-30-5 C25H26O3
5-Pentyl-2-[4-(pentyloxy)phenyl]pyridine 105052-92-4 C21H29NO
2-Pentylphenol 136-81-2 C11H16O
4-Pentylphenol 14938-35-3 C11H16O
Pentyl phenylacetate 5137-52-0 C13H18O2
4-Pentylphenyl acetic acid 14377-21-0 C13H18O2
4-(4-Pentylphenyl)benzoic acid 59662-47-4 C18H20O2
4-Pentylphenyl 4-(trans-4-butylcyclohexyl)benzoate 90937-41-0 C28H38O2
trans-4-(4-Pentylphenyl)cyclohexanecarbonitrile 86871-36-5 C18H25N
4-Pentylphenyl 4'-trans-ethylcyclohexylbenzoate 122230-64-2 C26H34O2
4-[(4-Pentylphenyl)ethynyl]benzonitrile 56982-41-3 C20H19N
4-Pentylphenyl 4-trans-(4-heptylcyclohexyl)benzoate 81929-47-7 C31H44O2
4-Pentylphenyl 4-methylbenzoate 50649-59-7 C19H22O2
1-Pentyl-N-(phenylmethyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxamide 695213-59-3 C21H24N2O
p-Pentylphenyl p-octyloxybenzoate 50649-56-4 C26H36O3
4-Pentylphenyl 4-pentylbenzoate 74305-48-9 C23H30O2
4-Pentylphenyl 4-(trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoate 81929-44-4 C29H40O2
4-Pentylphenyl trans-4-pentylcyclohexylcarboxylate 67589-72-4 C23H36O2
4-(4-n-Pentylphenyl)phenol 61760-85-8 C17H20O
3-(4-Pentylphenyl)-2-propenoic acid 28784-91-0 C14H18O2
4-Pentylphenyl 4-propylbenzoate 50649-60-0 C21H26O2
4-Pentylphenyl trans-4-propylcyclohexanecarboxylate 76025-60-0 C21H32O2
2-Pentylpropane-1,3-diol 25462-23-1 C8H18O2
Pentyl propionate 624-54-4 C8H16O2
(trans,trans)-4-Pentyl-4'-propyl-1,1'-bicyclohexyl 92263-41-7 C20H38
6-Pentyl-2H-pyran-2-one 27593-23-3 C10H14O2
Pentylpyrazine 6303-75-9 C9H14N2
2-Pentylpyridine 2294-76-0 C10H15N
n-Pentylsilane 10177-98-7 C5H14Si
4-Pentylthiazole 721949-04-8 C8H13NS
2-Pentylthiophene 4861-58-9 C9H14S
Pentyltrichlorosilane 107-72-2 C5H11Cl3Si
1-Pentyl-N-tricyclo[,7)]dec-1-yl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide 1345973-53-6 C23H31N3O
Pentyltriethoxysilane 2761-24-2 C11H26O3Si
Pentyltriphenylphosphonium bromide 21406-61-1 C23H26P.Br
Pentyl valerate 2173-56-0 C10H20O2
trans,trans-4-Pentyl-4'-vinylbicyclohexyl 129738-34-7 C19H34
1-Pentyne 627-19-0 C5H8
2-Pentyne-1,4-diol 927-57-1 C5H8O2
4-Pentynenitrile 19596-07-7 C5H5N
(S)-Pent-3-yne-2-ol 90242-65-2 C5H8O
4-Pentynoic acid 6089-09-4 C5H6O2
2-Pentynoic acid ethyl ester 55314-57-3 C7H10O2
4-Pentynoic acid ethyl ester 63093-41-4 C7H10O2
2-Pentynoic acid methyl ester 24342-04-9 C6H8O2

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