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List of Chemical Product Names (Page S27)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Sodium O-isobutyl dithiocarbonate 25306-75-6 C5H9NaOS2
Sodium isobutyrate 996-30-5 C4H7O2.Na
Sodium isopropylsulfate 52096-25-0 C3H7NaO4S
Sodium ketoisocaproate 4502-00-5 C6H9NaO3
Sodium lactate 312-85-6 C3H5NaO3
Sodium (S)-lactate 867-56-1 C3H5NaO3
Sodium (R)-lactate 920-49-0 C3H5O3.Na
Sodium lactate 72-17-3 C3H5NaO3
Sodium lactobionate 27297-39-8 C12H21NaO12.H2O
Sodium laurate 629-25-4 C12H23O2.Na
Sodium lauroamphoacetate 156028-14-7 C18H33N2O3.Na
Sodium lauroyl glutamate 29923-31-7 C17H30NNaO5
Sodium 1-lauroyl-L-prolinate 70609-63-1 C17H30NNaO3
Sodium lauryl ether sulfate 68585-34-2 C12H25O.(C2H4O)2.SO3.Na
Sodium lauryl polyoxyethylene ether sulfate 9004-82-4
Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate 1847-58-1 C14H27NaO5S
Sodium levothyroxine 25416-65-3 C15H10I4NNaO4
Sodium levothyroxine pentahydrate 6106-07-6 C15H10I4NNaO4.5(H2O)
Sodium levulinate 19856-23-6 C5H8O3 .Na
Sodium lignosulfonate 8061-51-6 C20H24Na2O10S2
Sodium linoleate 822-17-3 C18H31O2.Na
Sodium malate 676-46-0 C4H4Na2O5
Sodium mercaptobenzothiazole 2492-26-4 C7H4NNaS2
Sodium 3-mercaptopropanesulphonate 17636-10-1 C3H7NaO3S2
Sodium 3-(5-mercapto-1-tetrazolyl)benzene sulfonate 99131-26-7 C7H5N4NaO3S2
Sodium mesitylenesulfonate 6148-75-0 C9H11NaO3S
Sodium metaaluminate 1302-42-7 ( / 7758-17-0) NaAlO2
Sodium metaarsenate 15120-17-9 NaAsO3
Sodium metaarsenite 7784-46-5 NaAsO2
Sodium metabisulfite 7681-57-4 Na2S2O5
Sodium metaborate 7775-19-1 NaBO2
Sodium metaborate hydrate 15293-77-3 NaBO2.xH2O
Sodium metaborate tetrahydrate 10555-76-7 NaBO2.4(H2O)
Sodium metaphosphate 10361-03-2 NaPO3
Sodium metaphosphate 10124-56-8 Na6P6O18
Sodium metasilicate 6834-92-0 Na2SiO3
Sodium metasilicate nonahydrate 13517-24-3 Na2SiO3.9(H2O)
Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate 10213-79-3 Na2SiO3.5(H2O)
Sodium metavanadate 13718-26-8 NaVO3
Sodium metavanadate dihydrate 16519-65-6 NaVO3.2(H2O)
Sodium methacrylate 5536-61-8 C4H5O2.Na
Sodium methanesulfonate 2386-57-4 CH3NaO3S
Sodium methanesulphinate 20277-69-4 CH3NaO2S
Sodium methanolate 124-41-4 CH3NaO
Sodium methotrexate 7413-34-5 C20H20N8Na2O5
Sodium 3-methoxy-3-oxopropane-1-sulfinate 90030-48-1 C4H7NaO4S
Sodium 2-(4-methoxyphenoxy)propionate 150436-68-3 C10H11NaO4
Sodium methylarsonate 2163-80-6 CH4AsNaO3
Sodium methyl cocoyl taurate 12765-39-8
Sodium 2,2'-methylene-bis-(4,6-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate 85209-91-2 C29H42NaO4P

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