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List of Chemical Product Names (Page S28)

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Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Sodium 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate 3715-29-5 C5H7NaO3
Sodium 2-[methyl(1-oxododecyl)amino]ethanesulphonate 4337-75-1 C15H31NO4S.Na
Sodium methylparaben 5026-62-0 C8H7NaO3
Sodium 2-methylprop-2-ene-1-sulfonate 1561-92-8 C4H7NaO3S
Sodium 6-methylpyrimidin-4-olate 351433-14-2 C5H5N2O.Na
Sodium 3-methylsalicylate 32768-20-0 C8H7NaO3
Sodium methyl sulfate 512-42-5 CH3NaO4S
Sodium 5-methylthiazole-2-carboxylate 1107062-31-6 C5H4NO2S.Na
Sodium molybdate 7631-95-0 Na2MoO4
Sodium molybdate dihydrate 10102-40-6 Na2MoO4.2(H2O)
Sodium mycophenolate 37415-62-6 C17H19O6.Na
Sodium nafcillin 985-16-0 C21H21N2O5S.Na
Sodium naphthalene-1-acetate 61-31-4 C12H9NaO2
Sodium 1-naphthalenesulfonate 130-14-3 C10H7NaO3S
Sodium 2-naphthalenesulfonate 532-02-5 C10H7NaO3S
Sodium 2-naphthol-7-sulfonate 135-55-7 C10H7NaO4S
Sodium 3-(1-naphthylamino)propanesulfonate 104484-71-1 C13H14NNaO3S
Sodium 2-naphthyl-beta-D-glucopyranosiduronate 20838-64-6 C16H15O7.Na
Sodium naptalam 132-67-2 C18H12NO3.Na
Sodium neohouttuyfonate 83766-73-8 C12H23O5S.Na
Sodium nicotinate 54-86-4 C6H4NO2.Na
Sodium nifurstyrenate 54992-23-3 C13H8NNaO5
Sodium nitrate 7631-99-4 NaNO3
Sodium nitrate-15N 31432-45-8 NaNO3
Sodium nitrite 7632-00-0 NaNO2
Sodium nitrite-15N 68378-96-1 NaNO2
Sodium 4-nitrobenzenemethanesulfonate 36639-50-6 C7H6NO5S.Na
Sodium 3-nitrobenzenesulphonate 127-68-4 C6H4NNaO5S
Sodium 3-nitrobenzoate 827-95-2 C7H4NNaO4
Sodium nitromalonaldehyde 34461-00-2 ( / 126901-44-8) C3H2NNaO4
Sodium 2-nitrophenoxide 824-39-5 C6H4NNaO3
Sodium 4-nitrophenoxide 824-78-2 C6H4NNaO3
Sodium 5-[(4-nitrophenyl)azo]salicylate 1718-34-9 C13H9N3NaO5
Sodium 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane-1-sulfinate 102061-82-5 C4F9NaO2S
Sodium 1-nonanesulfonate 35192-74-6 C9H19NaO3S
Sodium 4-(nonanoyloxy)benzenesulfonate 89740-11-4 C15H21NaO5S
Sodium 1-octanesulfonate 5324-84-5 C8H17NaO3S
Sodium octanoate 1984-06-1 C8H15NaO2
Sodium octyl sulfate 142-31-4 C8H17NaO4S
Sodium of polyaspartic acid 181828-06-8
Sodium oleate 143-19-1 C18H33O2.Na
Sodium orthanilate 13846-13-4 C6H6NNaO3S
Sodium orthovanadate 13721-39-6 Na3VO4
Sodium ({[(2S,5R)-2-(1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl)-7-oxo-1,6-diazabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-6-yl]oxy}sulfonyl)oxidanide 1628207-16-8 C8H9N4NaO6S
Sodium oxalate 62-76-0 Na2C2O4
Sodium oxamate 565-73-1 C2H2NNaO3
Sodium oxide 1313-59-3 Na2O
Sodium 9-oxo-10-acridineacetate 58880-43-6 C15H11NO3.Na
Sodium 5-oxo-1-(4-sulfophenyl)-4H-pyrazole-3-carboxylate 52126-51-9 C10H7N2NaO6S
Sodium 1-palmitoyl-L-prolinate 58725-33-0 C21H38NNaO3

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