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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F6)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Ferrous gluconate 299-29-6 (18829-42-0) C12H22FeO14
Ferrous gluconate dihydrate 6047-12-7 (12389-15-0) C12H22FeO14.2(H2O)
Ferrous lactate 5905-52-2 2(C3H5O3).Fe
Ferrous lithium phosphate 15365-14-7 LiFePO4
Ferrous orotate 94333-36-5 Fe(C5H3N2O4)2
Ferrous oxalate 516-03-0 FeC2O4
Ferrous oxalate dihydrate 1047-25-2 C2FeO4.2(H2O)
Ferrous oxalate dihydrate 6047-25-2 Fe.(C2O4).2(H2O)
Ferrous perchlorate hexahydrate 13520-69-9 Fe(ClO4)2.6(H2O)
Ferrous selenide 1310-32-3 FeSe
Ferrous sulfate 7720-78-7 FeSO4
Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate 7782-63-0 FeSO4.7(H2O)
Ferrous sulfate hydrate 13463-43-9 FeSO4.H2O
Ferrous sulfate monohydrate 17375-41-6 FeSO4.H2O
Ferrous sulfate tetrahydrate 20908-72-9 FeSO4.4(H2O)
Ferrous sulfide 1317-37-9 FeS
Ferrozine disodium salt 28048-33-1 C20H12N4Na2O6S2
Ferrozine mono-sodium salt hydrate 69898-45-9 C20H13N4NaO6S2.H2O
(+)-Ferruginol 514-62-5 C20H30O
Fertirelin 38234-21-8 C55H76N16O12
Fertirelin acetate 66002-66-2 C55H76N16O12.C2H4O2
Ferulamide 61012-31-5 C10H11NO3
Ferulenol 6805-34-1 C24H30O3
trans-Ferulic acid 537-98-4 C10H10O4
E-Ferulic acid docosyl ester 101927-24-6 C32H54O4
trans-Ferulic acid ethyl ester 28028-62-8 C12H14O4
trans-Ferulic acid methyl ester 22329-76-6 C11H12O4
6-Feruloylcatalpol 770721-33-0 C25H30O13
9-O-Feruloyl-5,5'-dimethoxylariciresinol 166322-14-1 C32H36O11
6-O-Feruloylglucose 137887-25-3 C16H20O9
9-O-Feruloyllariciresinol 60337-67-9 C30H32O9
N-trans-Feruloyl-3-methoxytyramine 78510-19-7 C19H21NO5
N-Feruloyloctopamine 66648-44-0 C18H19NO5
4-O-Feruloylquinic acid 2613-86-7 C17H20O9
3-O-Feruloylquinic acid 1899-29-2 C17H20O9
6''-Feruloylspinosin 77690-92-7 C38H40O18
N-Feruloyltryptamine 53905-13-8 C20H20N2O3
N-trans-Feruloyltyramine 66648-43-9 C18H19NO4
cis-N-Feruloyltyramine 80510-09-4 C18H19NO4
Ferumoxytol 722492-56-0
Ferutinin 41743-44-6 C22H30O4
Fesoterodine 286930-02-7 C26H37NO3
Fesoterodine 250214-44-9 C26H37NO3
rac-Fesoterodine-d14 fumarate 1185237-08-4 C26H23D14NO3.C4H4O4
(R)-Fesoterodine fumarate 286930-03-8 C26H37NO3.C4H4O4
Festinavir 634907-30-5 (1097733-37-3) C12H12N2O4
Fevipiprant 872365-14-5 C19H17F3N2O4S
Fexaramine 574013-66-4 C32H36N2O3
Fexinidazole 59729-37-2 C12H13N3O3S
(R)-Fexofenadine 139965-10-9 C32H39NO4
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