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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F3)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Felbamate 25451-15-4 C11H14N2O4
Felodipine 72509-76-3 C18H19Cl2NO4
Felodipine 86189-69-7 C18H19Cl2NO4
Felypressin 56-59-7 C46H65N13O11S2
Felypressin acetate 914453-97-7 C46H65N13O11S2.x(C2H4O2)
Fenal 129332-30-5 C20H18FNO
Fenaminosulf 140-56-7 C8H10N3NaO3S
Fenamiphos 22224-92-6 C13H22NO3PS
Fenamiphos-sulfone 31972-44-8 C13H22NO5PS
Fenamiphos sulfoxide 31972-43-7 C13H22NO4PS
Fenarimol 60168-88-9 C17H12Cl2N2O
Fenazaquin 120928-09-8 C20H22N2O
Fenazox 61618-27-7 C15H12NNaO3.H2O
Fenbendazole 43210-67-9 C15H13N3O2S
Fenbendazole-d3 1228182-47-5 C15H10D3N3O2S
Fenbuconazole 114369-43-6 C19H17ClN4
Fenbufen 36330-85-5 C16H14O3
Fenbutatin oxide 13356-08-6 C60H78OSn2
Fenchlorazol-ethyl 103112-35-2 C12H8Cl5N3O2
Fenchlorphos 299-84-3 C8H8Cl3O3PS
(+)-Fenchol 2217-02-9 C10H18O
D-Fenchone 4695-62-9 C10H16O
Fenchone 1195-79-5 C10H16O
L-Fenchone 7787-20-4 C10H16O
(1R)-(+)-Fenchyl alcohol 1632-73-1 C10H18O
Fenclofenac 34645-84-6 C14H10Cl2O3
Fenclorim 3740-92-9 C10H6Cl2N2
Fendizoic acid 84627-04-3 C20H14O4
Fendosal 53597-27-6 C25H19NO3
Fenebrutinib 1434048-34-6 C37H44N8O4
Fenfluramine hydrochloride 404-82-0 C12H16F3N.HCl;C12H17ClF3N
Fenhexamid 126833-17-8 C14H17Cl2NO2
Fenipentol 583-03-9 C11H16O
Fenitrothion 122-14-5 C9H12NO5PS
Fennel Oil 8006-84-6
Fenobam 57653-26-6 C11H11ClN4O2
Fenobucarb 3766-81-2 C12H17NO2
Fenofibrate 49562-28-9 C20H21ClO4
Fenofibric acid-d6 1092484-69-9 C17H9ClD6O4
Fenofibric acid 42017-89-0 C17H15ClO4
Fenoflurazole 14255-88-0 C15H7Cl2F3N2O2
Fenoldopam 67227-56-9 C16H16ClNO3
Fenoldopam mesylate 67227-57-0 C16H16ClNO3.CH4O3S
Fenoldopam monohydrobromide 67287-54-1 C16H16ClNO3.HBr
Fenoprofen 31879-05-7 C15H14O3
Fenoprofen calcium 53746-45-5 C30H26CaO6
Fenoprop methyl ester 4841-20-7 C10H9Cl3O3
Fenoterol 13392-18-2 C17H21NO4
Fenoterol hydrobromide 1944-12-3 C17H21NO4.HBr
Fenothiocarb 62850-32-2 C13H19NO2S
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