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List of Chemical Product Names (Page F5)

Product Name CAS Registry Number Molecular Formula
Ferric glycerophosphate 1301-70-8 C9H21Fe2O18P3
Ferric nitrate 10421-48-4 Fe.(NO3)3
Ferric nitrate nonahydrate 7782-61-8 Fe.(NO3)3.9(H2O)
Ferric oxalate 2944-66-3 C6Fe2O12.5(H2O)
Ferric oxalate hexahydrate 166897-40-1 C6Fe2O12.6(H2O)
Ferric oxide 1309-37-1 Fe2O3
Ferric phosphate 10045-86-0 FePO4
Ferric phosphate dihydrate 13463-10-0 FePO4.2(H2O)
Ferric phosphate hydrate 51833-68-2 FePO4.xH2O
Ferric phosphate tetrahydrate 31096-47-6 FePO4.4(H2O)
Ferric potassium oxalate trihydrate 5936-11-8 K3Fe(C2O4)3.3(H2O)
Ferric pyrophosphate 10058-44-3 Fe4.(P2O7)3
Ferric silicon 8049-17-0
Ferric sodium oxalate 5936-14-1 Na3Fe(C2O4)3
Ferric sulfate 15244-10-7 Fe2(SO4)3
Ferric sulfate 10028-22-5 Fe2.(SO4)3
Ferriheme hydroxide 15489-90-4 C34H31FeN4O5.2H
Ferritin (horse spleen protein moiety reduced) 79468-83-0
Ferrlecit 34089-81-1 C6H12O7.x(Fe).x(Na)
Ferrocene 102-54-5 C10H10Fe
Ferroceneacetic acid 1287-16-7 C12H12FeO2
Ferroceneboronic acid 12152-94-2 C10H11BFeO2
Ferrocenecarboxaldehyde 12093-10-6 C11H10FeO
Ferrocenecarboxamide 1287-17-8 C11H11FeNO
Ferrocenecarboxylic acid 1271-42-7 C11H10FeO2
1,1'-Ferrocenedicarboxaldehyde 1271-48-3 C12H10FeO2
1,1'-Ferrocenedicarboxylic acid 1293-87-4 (12264-31-2) C12H10FeO4
1,1'-Ferrocenedimethanol 1291-48-1 C12H14FeO2
Ferrocenemethanol 1273-86-5 C11H12FeO
Ferrocenemethanol methacrylate 31566-61-7 C15H16FeO2
4-Ferrocenylbutanol 12289-45-1 C14H18FeO
4-Ferrocenylbutyl methacrylate 1352832-96-2 C18H22FeO2
(+)-1-Ferrocenylethanol 33136-66-2 C12H14FeO
1-(Ferrocenyl)ethanol 1277-49-2 C12H14FeO
(-)-1-Ferrocenylethanol 35025-24-2 C12H14FeO
N-(Ferrocenylmethyl)trimethylammonium iodide 12086-40-7 C14H20FeN.I
delta-Ferrocenylvaleric acid 51812-72-7 C15H18FeO2
Ferrocerium 69523-06-4
Ferrochloroquine 185055-67-8 C23H24ClFeN3
Ferroin sulfate 14634-91-4 C36H24FeN6.SO4
Ferronil 563-71-3 FeCO3
Ferrophosphorus 8049-19-2 FeP
Ferrous acetate 3094-87-9 2(C2H3O2).Fe
Ferrous acetylacetonate 14024-17-0 C10H14FeO4
Ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate 7783-85-9 (NH4)2.Fe.(SO4)2.6(H2O)
Ferrous arsenate 10102-50-8 Fe3(AsO4)2
Ferrous bisglycinate 20150-34-9 C4H8FeN2O4
Ferrous chloride 7758-94-3 FeCl2
Ferrous chloride tetrahydrate 13478-10-9 FeCl2.4(H2O)
Ferrous fumarate 141-01-5 C4H2FeO4
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